FREE BURMA RANGERS: A Family Brings Hope to the Front Lines

Free Burma Rangers

On August 1, 2017, Homeschooling Teen featured an article titled “The Eubank Family: On the Front Lines.” We described how the Eubanks’ homeschooling lifestyle enables them to aid oppressed peoples in the countries of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Iraq and Sudan. Risking their lives to save others, they venture into conflict zones to assist the victims of war and terror.

Well, now we’re excited to announce there is a whole documentary film about the Eubank family! FREE BURMA RANGERS is coming to theaters nationwide for TWO NIGHTS ONLY February 24th and 25th! This incredible true story is a breathtaking example of one family making a difference in the world, as they bring help and hope to the front lines.

Given the circumstances, this family lives in kind of a strange juxtaposition akin to an episode of “MASH” by way of “Little House on the Prairie.” The three Eubank children (now ages 13-18) have grown up and lived their whole lives in war-torn environments, having been born to missionary parents who believe their work is a calling from God. Before moving to Iraq, the Eubanks had lived in Burma among the Karen (kuh-REN) people, many of whom are persecuted Christians.

Dave Eubank, a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer, founded the Free Burma Rangers in 1997 as a humanitarian service organization. Besides providing food, clothing, and emergency medical care, the group’s mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ and to help people be free from oppression.

The FREE BURMA RANGERS documentary follows the extraordinary heart-pounding journey of Dave Eubank, his wife Karen, and their children. This film won the coveted Best Feature Film award at The Justice Film Festival in New York City in November 2019. The movie, which received its world premiere at the festival, will show in select theaters across the country on February 24 and 25, 2020.

FREE BURMA RANGERS is produced by LifeWay Films and Deidox Films. To learn more about the film and to reserve tickets, visit

Watch the Official Trailer below:

Join us in sharing the Eubanks’ story with the world – pick up your tickets today before they’re sold out!

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