Four Super Techniques to Manage Time in Exams

By Michael Bevan

To be successful in any field, whether it’s school, sports, business or science, managing time effectively is the key to finishing well anywhere. Students around the world, sooner or later, have to adapt to the practices and techniques that can help them learn how to effectively manage time. The smart ones already know and develop habits that suit them when it comes to time management. The key to managing time effectively is planning and organizing. Other things follow suit under this umbrella. Time management to many might sound like an effort that demands a lot of time in itself, but it is a skill, which when learned can make life so easy that it is impossible to imagine life without it.

When you learn to manage time effectively, your day is never short and you can do many things. Similarly, in an exam when you implement the practice of effectively managing time, you have much of it available to easily complete your paper and also revise it. Not only does it make you score high in exams, since you will never miss out on a paper half finished, but you will also do it with high quality and productivity.

We are going to now open up four super techniques that you can use to save up and effectively manage time during your exam. These techniques are not just limited to exams only; it is also something that can be practiced elsewhere.

  1. Organization and Responsibility

As said earlier, briefly organizing is the key to managing time effectively. Combine responsibility with it and you have no barriers to manage time. We cannot stress enough on how important being responsible is to managing time effectively and efficiently. When you act responsibly you tend to make fewer mistakes and focus more and these two elements will ensure your time is used wisely and without any extra effort.

  1. Assessing your time

To manage time in any situation, first you have to know the time you have available at hand. Imagine when you plan an event based on number of hours, seeing how you plan each and every phase so you do not waste any minute. This is how you manage time during your exams. Find out how many sections of the paper you have and the total time you are allowed. From then on, you can begin breaking down and managing your time based on minutes and hours.

  1. Set your priorities

Whether sitting in an exam or doing something else, you always have something which is more important and difficult on one hand, and on the other hand something which is less time consuming and easy. So always decide and do what is more important and what will take more time compared to others. This way you will get rid of the difficult tasks earlier and much before the allotted time.

  1. Make a schedule of tasks

Scheduling of tasks will help you break down your work into sections and allot time for each section. This way you can utilize each and every minute as well as monitor your progress based on the time taken compared to time planned easily.

The author of this post is Michael Bevan, who works as a freelance tutor.

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