Four Habits of Extremely Effective Teens

By Albert Roger

The age bracket that falls between 13 and 19 years is the age of growing up. Usually referred to as the teenage years, this is a very crucial passage when kids transition into their adult life from being a child. It covers the years from beginning high school to graduating high school, and then going to college and sometimes even graduating college if they started early.

This is the time when, as growing adults, teens learn and adopt the most things. Thus, it is extremely important for parents and schools to develop a nurturing environment for these teens, in order to save them from going in the wrong direction. Parents and teachers try their utmost to provide an environment where bad influences stay far away, but still somehow many teens become the victim of such influence through peer pressure and other forms of negativity.

As a teenager when you lose your track, you may find it hard to get back your focus in life and this could lead you to disaster. You will get the best opportunity to learn and grow if you keep yourself straight and stick to things that are good for you. To make the teenage years most effective, you need to focus on developing long lasting habits in high school and college that you can then keep for the rest of your lives.

Our blog today will focus on identifying four habits of extremely effective teenagers that can lead them to success in college and in life.

1. Be Proactive

Teenagers who are found to be much more proactive, are usually the ones leading the way rather than being influenced by others around them. Reactive teenagers are kids who can easily be the victims of various pressures in the society because they react to things. When you are proactive, you are able to judge and predict the situations as well as the consequences of it and are in a better position to make a judgment call or a decision. If a teenager develops this habit of being proactive, not only he will be able to stay strong, but also develop basic leadership skills from a very early on in his life.

2, Have Directions and Aims

Teenage is the kind of age, when you can start thinking about your future goals, aspirations and objectives. By this time you have developed enough knowledge about the world and have studied your schoolwork, so you are also able to figure out what courses and degree programs to focus on. Smart and effective teenagers have the right sense of directions and aims for their future.

3. Put First Things First

Smart teenagers know their priorities and what to put first and what to keep last. Setting up priorities and developing a habit to set things straight is another important habit among effective teenagers.

4. Be Compassionate

Some teenagers might not understand this concept, as it is the most advanced habit, but if they learn and develop it, not only it will change their lives but also others around them. Being compassionate is so important, especially when you are growing up, as it gives you other important qualities like being a good listener and becoming mindful.

Author Bio: Albert Roger is the author of this blog post. Albert works as an educational consultant for a teenage school in the state of California. He likes to share his views and insights for parents online at pay someone assignment –


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  1. Great work. “Some teenagers might not understand this concept, as it is the most advanced habit, but if they learn and develop it, not only it will change their lives but also others around them.”

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