Five Degrees Every Student Should Consider If They Are A Natural Leader

5 Degrees Every Student Should Consider If They Are A Natural LeaderBy Anita Ginsburg

Some people are simply born leaders. These are individuals who break the mold and often rise above everyone else in normal situations. Not all degrees are good for people with that inclination. Here are five degrees all students who are natural leaders should consider.

Political Science

Political science is a natural fit for people who are born leaders. This degree gives you many possible career options. You could become a successful politician leading the nation. You could also become a powerful player in the halls of power, a political advisor or the head of an advocacy organization. Political science degrees are made for natural leaders.


Anyone who is ambitious and a natural leader will want to look into a law degree. A law degree allows you to do many things from running your own law firm to working on your own within the criminal justice system righting wrongs. You could also use the degree to become a leader within the corporate world or eventually a judge.


A master of business administration, or MBA, is specifically designed for natural-born leaders and those with a drive to succeed. An MBA allows you to become an entrepreneur, run a massive corporation or administrate the largest organizations in the world. MBA programs online can also help you develop specific leadership and management skills. You can even get specialized MBAs depending on the career you want.


Many of the most powerful and independent people in the world have a doctorate in economics. This degree gives you the knowledge and authority to be a driving force in the world or within multinational companies and organizations. You can use the degree to found a think tank, become a consultant or work for the government. Economists must be natural leaders to succeed.


Marketing is a field that is ruled by natural-born leaders who are creative, aggressive and independent. A marketing degree will give you the ability to start shaping culture, igniting trends and building an empire. You can work within your own marketing agency, work as a consultant or do something innovative to revolutionize the field if you have the leadership skills and drive.

It is important to choose a degree that matches your personality and personal interests. Natural leaders will want to look towards degrees that provide the opportunity to be independent and in charge. These five degrees are well suited for students who are natural leaders.

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