Finding It Tough To Pull An All-Nighter? Try 8 Best Tips To Help Yourself Stay Up!

"The All-Nighter" by " Spitefully" Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-NC 2.0.

“The All-Nighter” by “Spitefully.” Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-NC 2.0. <>

By Alisha Ellis

No matter how much you try to accomplish your tasks within time, there are times when you simply need to sacrifice your good night’s sleep for studying. While some students are used to staying up at night and use this quiet time for studying, many fail to understand how one can beat the sleep and concentrate on work at such odd hour.

If you belong to the second category of students and find yourself incapable of staying up late at night when you need to, take a look at the following practical and useful tips to pull an all-nighter efficiently.

Plan it First

First things first; when you think you need to pull an all-nighter to study or complete your pending work, set a schedule for tasks and divide the night time accordingly. Planning and making a schedule is very important because if you don’t, you will end up wasting your night time without achieving anything but losing your sleep.

Motivate Yourself

It will become really hard to focus and study if you do not know the value of results it may yield. So, it is going to benefit you and motivate you if you know what you are studying for. You can also discuss with your friends and family for effective motivation tips.

Avoid Black Tea

Drinking black tea to stay up all night may sound like the best idea ever but in reality it is not. Black tea is useful for people who just have to stay awake for a while and crash into bed for sleeping long hours. Therefore, it is not suitable for students who have to appear in test the following day or attend a class to submit their work.

Take a Quick Nap

If half-way through the night you realize that sleeping is taking over and you simply cannot concentrate on work, take a quick nap without wasting any more time. Quick naps are often beneficial as it helps refresh the mind and body.

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water for staying up may not sound like a good idea but it is scientifically proved to help stay awake and alert at night time. It helps your body to cope up with stress caused by sleep deprivation. Drink a glass of water every hour or you can take some juices or cold drinks to keep yourself hydrated through the night.

Get Some Protein-Rich Snacks

Staying up all night may make you hungry. So getting yourself some protein-rich snacks will not only help you satisfy hunger but also help your mind and body to stay fresh and alert. Heavy meals at night makes you feel full and sloppy. So, make sure to get some food but for snacking purpose only.

Get Rid of Dim Lighting

Environment has a huge impact on alertness of brain and body. If you have dim lighting in your room, you are likely to become sleepy way before finishing your work. So, make sure to find a quiet, peaceful and well-lit room for studying in order to battle off sleep efficiently.

Avoid All Distractions

When you want to focus on something, the first thing you need to get rid of is distraction. Switch off your cell phone, put away your laptop, shut off television and make your pets sleep (if any) before you lock yourself up in your room for studying.

Though all these tips are found to be extremely useful for students to finish up their pending tasks when the clock is ticking, it is always a good idea to manage your day time wisely. Try to complete all work during the day so that you do not have to sacrifice your sleep and health, as staying up all night is not healthy if you do it very often.


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