The Features of a Graphic CV

By Hannah Sharkstone

A graphic resume can change your life! It’s no secret that today people read less, and instead perceive images, photos and emotions which are connected with them better. A graphic CV is able to increase the chance of the candidate to get the desired position greatly. Most people who work offline have never heard about the concept of a graphic resume. This article will describe in detail what is a graphic CV, as well as the fineness of its design and content. Also, see the infographic at the end of the article on how to make the perfect graphic CV.

A graphic resume is an effective way to get the desired position.

A graphic resume, a resume of a designer, a resume online – that’s how this type of CV is searched on the Internet. Although it all comes down to one thing – in fact, it is an advertising leaflet with information about a candidate for a position, designed to sell the services of the advertiser.

What you need to pay attention to when creating a graphic СV:

  • Your name should stand out.
  • It is advisable to indicate what city you are from.
  • The font of the resume should be readable (for example: Verdana, Tahoma, Century Gothics) – no chopped fonts.

It is better to use no more than two types of fonts in one document, otherwise it will look messy.

Don’t use fonts with serifs, they are poorly read (for example: Times New Roman).

  • For color design, take two matching main colors (they can contrast, so that the font is read well), an add one neutral.

Gray is best not to be used as the primary color, as it can turn out to be unattractive.

It is desirable that the photo is in harmony with the color of the entire document.

  • The photo should be high-quality, and of which you naturally smile, or with a serious face, if that’s your nature.

You can even insert a photo in full growth, or to the waist, if you are in a working environment and in business clothes.

  1. Resume filling: read carefully the information on the vacancy you are applying for. Based on the list of requirements, make a list of your professional skills, experience, personal qualities, and education. Write the truth, but sometimes you can embellish it lightly.

Ideally, you need to adjust your resume for each employer.

  1. Highlight the contact information (phone number, skype, e-mail, website) so that the employer does not search how to contact you for a long time. The contact information should be easily seen.
  2. Go beyond. The CV can be represented not by album layout, but by book layout. The text is written not only directly, but at an angle. The resume form can be not only rectangular, but oval or triangular.
  3. A guarantee has an excellent effect on the employer and gives you an advantage over competitors. So, if you can sacrifice something (for example, two weeks to work for free as an intern), do it.

Those who work in the program Photoshop, and can independently edit the document in the PSD format, can find cool templates on the Internet, in which you can quickly substitute your data and change colors.

How a Graphic Resume Can Help You Find the Job of Your Dreams

New technologies today give us a unique chance not only to find work, but to find a job that will meet all of our requirements, and not to just tell us about ourselves in the resume, but to give the employer an opportunity to evaluate our achievements, skills and goals in a visual, stylish and handy portfolio.

Graphic resumes and online portfolios become commonplace. There are many services online which turn the visualized data of your career path into instructions for achieving professional goals, and create a schedule of activities, provide a list of specific skills and knowledge that you must have in this case and connect you with people, who have already reached a certain level. Thus, a chain of live contacts is formed – an online system, through which job search is analyzed and adjusted in real time.

Do you remember times when it was possible to get a job without any resume? Call on the phone, and then professionally present yourself in the interview. Now this will not work, as everyone wants a creative resume, one not like everyone else has. Judging by the statistics, “how to create a resume” is a popular question even for locksmiths and drivers.

Your resume is not just a list of former places of work, it’s a business card and a one-page advertisement in one paper. After all, there will be no opportunity to show your charm in a personal conversation. The only way to unleash your full potential is a creative graphic resume, where an infographic not only illustrates the text, but reflects your degree and creative thinking.

Who Needs the Creative CV With Infographic and Why

It is logical to assume that a creative graphic resume is a must for web designers. There’s no better way to show your talents than to combine a boring list of places of work with a vivid and memorable picture. However, there is a category of freelancers for which the CV-infographic is helpful, although not necessarily, but will be a big advantage, because it will stand out against the backdrop of a growing number of job seekers for freelance work. The positions that need it the most are as follows:

  1. Content managers who need to show the level of work with photo and video editors, literacy, and understanding of the concept of the future employer.
  2. Copywriters who are bound to impress with style and technical sophistication in the field of web and selling texts.
  3. SMM specialists who want to demonstrate knowledge of different means to attract the target audience.
  4. Project managers – this position is rather administrative and implies organizational skills, communication skills and basic knowledge in the field of content creation, SEO, advertising and marketing strategies.
  5. Marketers and traffic specialists through infographics and creative resumes are able to visually demonstrate their achievements in previous places of work.

True, these freelancers don’t actually need design skills for the work. So, if you want to make an impression on the employer, there are two options: to master Photoshop, or to order a resume online. The first method is labor-intensive, but free; the second method saves time, but it requires costs. There is a third option, in between – download an example of a graphic CV and correct the text in Photoshop. You will not need a designer’s talent.

Sometimes learning how to write a good CV is like learning how to write a good essay, especially if you apply for a creative position like those which were mentioned above. It should grab the reader’s attention and make the employer want to hire you. Try to make it interesting, but don’t write too lengthy a CV.

Our inforgraphic is quite expressive, but not too flashy. To download our sample, you do not have to register or enter captchas. If desired, you can change colors and fonts, and to edit the text, it’s enough to simply add layers. An hour or two is enough for a professional creative resume.

So, download our inforgraphic – we wish you good luck in your search for a generous employer.

About the Author: My name’s Hannah, I am 27 years old and currently work as a tutor for homeschooling teens alongside with being a content manager.

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