Fallout Shelter

Fallout_ShelterA Game Review, by Super Searcher

Fallout Shelter is a fancy little app game for Apple and Android devices. It was released during the Bethesda E3 showcase this summer, and it is basically a little thing to play with while everyone waits for Fallout 4.

Fallout Shelter is free, although if you want to get better items quicker, you’ll have to pay. The gameplay is about as good as you can get with a touch-screen game; you just point and click on things and make them do stuff for you.

This game plays a lot like the old Maxis game Sim Tower. In Fallout Shelter you are the overseer of a vault with a number between 0-999. You keep adding on to your “reverse skyscraper,” and try to keep “incidents” from happening. A couple of the incidents that can happen in Fallout Shelter are raider attacks, and rooms catching on fire.

One feature I really enjoy in the game is the fact that you can send your vault dwellers into the outside world and explore the wastelands of a post-nuclear apocalypse U.S.A. There you can have the dwellers run around outside gathering weapons, items, and bottle caps (which is a currency in the Fallout universe).

Of course, after you’ve played the game for a while, it starts to get repetitive. You build a new room, move people into it to work, they work, you gather resources, raiders attack, you beat them back, gather more resources, send a vault dweller outside, call them back, give them more health packs, send them out again, rise and repeat.

Leaving the repetitiveness aside, it is a fun little game to play when you’re bored and need something to do for a few minutes. Another plus for the game is that it is not an online game. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can play whenever and wherever you want, without worrying about servers going down.

In conclusion, I’d say Fallout Shelter is worth taking a look at, so go check it out on the App Store or the Android gaming center. P.S. The Halloween-themed version 1.21 update includes costumes, spooky room decorations, eerie sounds, and other surprises!

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