Effie Carlson: The New Elephant in the Room


Effie Carlson, born and raised in Arizona, was homeschooled her entire life until college. Coming from a large family that encouraged individual thought and self-expression, Effie says she “had no choice but to become a problem solver.” After graduating from high school in 1999, Effie went to Arizona State University where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies. Effie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2004.

Working to put herself through college, Effie learned the ins and outs of a small business, the effects of government regulations, and the benefits of a job well done. In small business development and marketing, Effie has experience in a variety of areas from healthcare to film production and retail, developing marketing plans, websites, and new business start-ups.

After graduating from college, Effie went to work for a behavioral health organization. Recognizing that the organization’s priority should be patient care, not paperwork, she developed a system to reduce administrative requirements by clinical staff which allowed more time to be devoted to patients.

In addition, Effie’s time in Utilization Management with a major health insurance company gave her valuable information on all aspects of the provider/insurer relationship. From authorizations, benefits, contracts, claims, and appeals, Effie worked directly with these departments expanding her focus from one department to an entire structure.

In 2006 Effie and her husband Andrew became first-time parents to twin boys, Ethan and Quinn. With premature twins to care for, Effie desired a more flexible schedule which led to her becoming a Realtor. Effie and Andrew also have a daughter, Addie.

In 2009 Effie established her own small business, Best Practice Management LLC, because she recognized an industry-wide need for a practice resource that is tailored for each client. Effie created and held seminars for private practitioners showing them how to operate their business and billing procedures more efficiently. From solo practitioners to large, multi-specialty practices, hospitals and health systems, her BPM system provides effective business solutions to anyone involved in physician practice management and health insurance.

Besides raising her family and running a successful business, Effie has served as secretary to the Church Council of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, is the current Committee Chair for Cub Scout Pack 441 at Kiva Elementary School, and is the Fundraising Committee Chair for Kiva PTO. She sings as first soprano of a Women’s Choir and chairs the fundraising committee, allowing them to perform for non-profit groups such as Sojourner Center. Effie is also a website designer, providing pro-bono work for her church and non-profits such as Glendale Stand-Up for Veterans Event 2013.

Effie resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband and three children. Effie is currently running as a Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, seeking an open seat in Legislative District 23 (Scottsdale/Fountain Hills). A strong school choice supporter, Effie hopes to earn the support of homeschool families. She says, “My mother was the President of the Homeschool Association in the town I grew up in and I saw, first hand, the effectiveness of our group when mobilized.”

effie“I was prompted to seek office because the issues of education reform and the economy hit close to home. Arizona is primed to be a leader in innovation and growth – that requires smart, dedicated, leaders to work together for the better- ment of our State and Country. In the recent past, we, the citizens, have been taken hostage by rhetoric and promises – the time has come to move beyond the sound bites and expect more. I am running for Arizona House because we require leaders who listen and work with others, public and private, to create a plan for today and tomorrow… We cannot let our future be a casualty of empty and insincere talking points.”

Effie’s Priorities

Quality Education

“Our children are used as a reason for many things in policy making but as the final tally is taken, our children are the ones who suffer the consequences of a broken system…. For me the education conversation begins and ends with 83% – 83% of Arizona’s children are in a public/ district school. To ignore or actively participate in the demise of this system is to ignore 83% of the children in this State. This is not about personal preference or belief in one system or another (I am a supporter of school choice), it is about an opportunity in the coming primary election to choose a candidate that supports education.”

Economic Growth and Job Creation

“98% of our workforce is housed in businesses like mine, sole proprietors, mom and pops, and corporations – the unnecessary and bloated regulatory requirements, inappropriate taxation, and over-reach by the Federal government hinders our ability to succeed and succeed where the government cannot, by creating jobs, economic growth and opportunity.”

Balanced Budget

“No one should ever say that a great financial plan is spending more than you make, yet, in government it seems to be the standard. As your Representative, I will hold the legislature accountable and move us toward to long term financial responsibility. More so, I’ll do it with real numbers, not “funny” math.”

Public Safety

“One of the many responsibilities of government is public safety. Protecting and strengthening our 2nd amendment rights, standing strong to defend our State against federal over-reach, the military, police and firemen, and protecting life, children and families – This obligation to protect is one of the most fundamental in government and I am committed to advocating every day for our continued safety – specifically for those who cannot defend and advocate for themselves.”

Border Policy

“As a border state, Arizona has a personal perspective on the issue of illegal immigration. The solutions proposed are starting in the middle of the issue and should first be focused on border security… We need to turn off the water before we can fix the pipes.”

Pro- Life

“I am pro-life and I will continue to be an advocate for the most vulnerable members of our community, the unborn.”

Visit Effie at: Effieforaz.com | Facebook.com/effieforaz

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