The Effectiveness of Individual Teens Learning At Home

home learningBy Lori Wade

There are countless reasons why parents more and more willingly choose home learning over traditional schooling for their teenagers. Both public and private schools often experience harsh problems and in some cases, it’s getting non-acceptable to let the teen stay there.

The effectiveness of homeschooling has been observed not only in study but also for further career building. In addition, it’s no longer a problem to enter universities and colleges if you have been taught individually. The decision to choose individual home learning for your teenager can be supported by these strong benefits:

  1. Individual program

Unlike traditional school systems that follow generally accepted programs, homeschooling gives you a chance to customize the lessons to your teen’s taste, interests and learning capabilities. It is always possible to make changes to the program and add subjects that local schools do not teach at all, like some rare foreign languages. Or parents can choose programs with the greater emphasis on mathematics.

It is very common for traditional local schools to observe different learning speeds among children. In this environment, some teens constantly lag behind while others quickly get bored. Homeschooling lets teenagers study at their own speed without any need to keep up with someone or wait for someone.

Individual programs thus make it much easier for students to prepare for university or college tests as they can tailor their schooling to their future career choices.

  1. Personalized teaching attention

In the majority of areas, the schools are overcrowded. When 40 or even more students are sitting in a class, it’s practically impossible for a teacher to give proper attention to everyone. It means that your teen might end up receiving poor test scores and failing to prepare for further education.

But when teens are taught individually, they get all the attention and support they need. All the behavior and learning issues are addressed immediately. It is much easier for a personal tutor to detect any learning gaps and take the steps to fill them timely as well as help the teens uncover their full potential.

  1. Flexible schedule

For those families who enjoy family trips, vacations or visiting different cultural events, homeschooling gives them greater freedom to do it. Traveling to other countries is an additional chance for the teen to study foreign languages, practice them with native speakers, as well as discover more about foreign cultures. Teens who regularly visit different cultural events or exhibitions have a broader mindset and higher studying capabilities. Homeschooling is a perfect way to take regular study breaks and add diversity to the learning experience.

Meanwhile, traditional schools make teens keep up with everything they’ve missed when skipping classes due to vacations or illness, and this usually reduces their knowledge quality.

  1. Safer environment to study

School violence is only growing stronger. Cruelty among teenagers affects not only the study process but also the psychology of teens. Individual home learning is the best way to protect your teen against fights, bullying, and cruelty.

Modern psychology of young people makes them very much vulnerable to following bad examples of their classmates. This is the reason why drugs, smoking or other deadly habits become a real problem among teenagers.

Homeschooling will make you more confident that your teen is safe and away from the bad influence of some classmates.

  1. Building stronger character

Independent learning is very much decisive in developing a strong mindset. Your teen will learn how to generate custom approaches towards accomplishing goals. This skill will be highly valuable during the university or college education as well as in further career building.

Traditional school systems teach students to conform to particular life principles whether it’s school, job, or personal life. However, this is not always something that is right for your teen, especially now in this ever-changing and flexible world.


Stats show that home learning practices are becoming more and more widespread all over the world. It opens up new opportunities, makes families closer, adds flexibility to their lives, and builds better personalities. As one of the 21st education trends, homeschooling is a great alternative to traditional education that you should consider for the sake of your teen’s future.

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