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eating you alive

My name is Stacy Browning and I am a homeschool parent. My daughter graduated through the Florida Parent Educators Association in May of 2016. She was homeschooled through high school. I think we can all agree that health is of the utmost importance and that healthy students learn better and live better.

I am a Health Education Specialist with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from the University of Florida. I studied nutrition for five years at Eastern Michigan University before I transferred to UF. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer with certifications in Fitness Nutrition and Weight Loss through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

I have put together an 8-week class on health and healthy eating for homeschool students of all ages called “Eating You Alive.” This class can be geared toward elementary age students or middle/high school age students and is available in the Orlando area or online via video lectures.

My goal is to teach students how to live healthier and how to recognize things that can harm their health or help their health. Following are the topics that are covered during the 8 weeks and a brief description of each.

“Eating You Alive” Course Contents:

  1. Water: You Actually Can Die of Thirst

In this week’s class, we will discuss the importance of water and your health.

  1. Junk Food = Dead Food: If it’s Advertised on Television, Don’t Eat it

In this week’s class, we will cover, at great length, the hazards of junk food and the seemingly unending array of issues that are caused from eating too much junk food.

  1. So, What Can You Eat?: Just What, Exactly, are We Designed to Eat?

In this week’s class, we will discuss what types of foods our body is designed to use.

  1. How to Read and Understand a Food Label

It may seem boring, but knowing how to read and understand a food label is one of the most important lectures in this class.

  1. How Important is Exercise: We Were Made for Movement

In this class, we will discuss the make-up of the human body and the dangers of leading a sedentary life.

  1. How Important are Sleep and Rest

In this week’s class, we talk about sleep and how getting enough sleep will benefit your body just as much as a healthy diet and exercise.

  1. How Harmful is Stress?

In this week’s class, we will define stress and talk about the differences between good and bad stress. We will also cover the most common stressor for teens: “Toxic Friends.”

  1. If You’re Happy and You Know It

This week’s class is all about being happy. 🙂

Homework Assignments

At the end of each class, there will be a homework assignment with specific instructions on how to complete the assignment. Assignments like making a list of all the junk food in the house, or all the healthy food in the house; getting a piece of fruit or a vegetable from the grocery store that you’ve never had, trying it and writing a brief description of the experience. If you are opting for the online class, there will be instructions on how to turn in the assignment.

Important Details

If you choose the classroom setting, the class will begin the third week of August (day and time to be determined by availability of parents and students) at First Baptist Church of Apopka, 441 South Highland Avenue, Apopka, FL 32712 in the Fellowship Hall. If you choose the online version, you may choose your own start date. The class is 8 to 10 weeks, with the extra two weeks allotted for make-up days due to illnesses, family vacations, etc.

How Much Does it Cost?

Following is the price breakdown for both the classroom and online versions of “Eating You Alive.”

1 Student = $125.00 per Student
2-5 Students = $115.00 per Student
6+ Students = $100.00 per Student
Homeschool Group rates available.

Registration Info

Email the following information to me at cscbrowning@yahoo.com or text it to me at 407-227-2201. If you have more than one student, send the information for each student. An invoice with payment options will be sent upon receipt of your registration.

CHOOSE YOUR START DATE (for online version only)

Or visit the “Eat to Live” Facebook page and print off the registration form (a separate form for each student).

What is Included?

The cost of “Eating You Alive” covers the materials, which I will provide for the class. There is no textbook to purchase. Payment also includes me… I make myself available to you and your student(s) via phone call, text message, and/or e-mail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That’s right… even though the class will end, it doesn’t mean that our communications with each other will end. Should you or your student(s) ever have any questions about health or healthy eating, I will always be available.

Sample Videos

Attached below are informational presentations for both the elementary and middle/high school versions of the class.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you regarding “Eating You Alive.”

Stacy Browning, HES, CPT

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