Driver Ed in a Box


By Teri O.

Driver Ed in a Box® is a comprehensive program for parents who are training or assisting in the driver training of their teenagers. The goal is to teach teens the skills and habits of collision-free driving. These techniques were developed through years of working with driving training instructors, experienced fleet drivers, and driver education students. The concept was developed by a parent, Patrick L. Barrett, who also happens to be a nationally-known expert in the business of driver education.

In 1997, parents were given the option of teaching driver education to their own teens in Texas. Mr. Barrett’s son, Michael, was eligible to begin his driver training, so Mr. Barrett ordered the parent-led materials from the state. After spending several hours reading what the state of Texas had produced for parent-taught driver education, he said, “It’s a good thing I already know what I’m supposed to do, because nobody is going to figure it out from this.” That’s when he decided to create Driver Ed in a Box®.

First, Mr. Barrett produced an audio series to guide parents step by step through the process of safely training a new driver in the habits of collision-free driving. Next, he made a set of videos that actually show the process of parent/teen working together toward the goal of collision-free driving. At the same time, he wrote a textbook specifically made for parent-taught or guided driver education. Since then, he has revamped and updated Driver Ed in a Box® several times, so families will always have the best course possible.

Driver Ed in a Box® is the only private Texas-based program officially approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, and New Mexico Transportation Department. But students in all states will benefit from these lessons. Our family lives in Arizona and we’ve used the same Driver Ed in a Box® curriculum with all three of our boys. Last summer, the lady at the state motor vehicle department who took one of our sons out for his road test commended him on being the safest young driver she’d ever seen. Driver Ed in a Box® is a practical, no-nonsense program that really works!

Driver Ed in a Box® provides all the tools you will need for teaching your teen how to drive collision-free. Over 50 hours of in-car instruction are included for rural, residential, city, and highway driving with special emphasis on specific maneuvers. This program not only stresses the importance of driving safely, but explains in detail how to do that, from watching out for pedestrians to being careful around 18-wheelers. The full course also has a section on Social & Consumer Issues, which informs teens about how alcohol and drugs as well as emotions and attitude affect driving performance. The box contains: CD-ROM with 17 videos, audio series, textbook, student workbook, spiral-bound parent companion, driving journal, student driver sign, training mirrors, certificate of completion, and Advantage Safety Club membership.

NEW! Driver Ed in a Box® is out of the Box!

The Driver Ed in a Box® program is now available online. So you can access everything you need from any computer. Just log in and get started. Since it’s all online, it’s even easier to do! The online program is less expensive, too. (But it doesn’t contain the extra items that come in the box.)

See Also: Driving Test Review Questions (100 questions with answers, printable PDF) NOTE: This test is based on the Arizona driving manual, so the laws may be different in other states but the rules of the road should be pretty much the same.

Please note that the above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.

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