Drive Thru History: The Gospels

The Gospels Boxed Set contains: 18 episodes, 9 hours, 486 total minutes, 3 disks, 118-page study guide.

We’ve been fans of “Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts” ever since the series was launched in the early 2000s. Dave really knows how to make history fun – not only for kids and teens, but for people of all ages! He did a series on early American History, another one on Ancient History, and one on The Holy Land. If you’re not already familiar with the show, Dave teaches about history while driving to locations where the events took place.

The latest installment of Drive Thru History® is Drive Thru History: The Gospels. This action-packed series delves into the circumstances surrounding the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus – as recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – in a fresh and compelling way through the context of history, archeology, geography, and art.

Dave travels to over 50 ancient sites in Israel, taking you on a unique tour to see the actual places where Jesus walked and taught. It’s the next best thing to being there in person. At every turn, Dave points out verifiable evidence for the truth of scripture, from archaeological discoveries to the accounts of ancient historians.

Drive Thru History: The Gospels isn’t just a documentary; it’s an experience. It really makes history come alive! Biblically accurate and engaging, there is probably no better educational coverage of the gospels, and certainly none more entertaining.

The adventurous, family-friendly series is comprised of eighteen fast-paced 27-minute episodes that can be used for daily devotions, a small group study, a Sunday school curriculum, or a homeschool supplement. The episodes explore the following topics:

  1. The Historical Landscape
  2. The Announcement
  3. Jesus is Born
  4. Jesus Grows Up
  5. Jesus Starts His Ministry
  6. Jesus Returns to Galilee
  7. Jesus Begins His Miracles
  8. Jesus Teaches with Authority
  9. The Sermon on the Mount
  10. Jesus Travels the Sea of Galilee
  11. Jesus Travels North with His Apostles
  12. A Final Trip to Jerusalem
  13. Jesus Arrives in Jerusalem
  14. The Last Supper
  15. The Trial of Jesus
  16. The Crucifixion of Jesus
  17. The Resurrection of Jesus
  18. Who is Jesus?

Drive Thru History: The Gospels encourages viewers to get excited about reading the Bible again and studying the gospels more in-depth. You may have seen the program aired on TBN, but if you want to support Dave Stotts’ ministry, the DVD Special Edition is a wonderful resource that can serve your family for years to come. This is one series that’s definitely worth watching more than once, as you will get more out of it each time.

The boxed set includes a study guide full of beautiful images and graphics along with chapter summaries, discussion questions, side notes, and Bible verses to read. It would make a great Easter gift for your favorite Bible scholar, history buff, or the whole family!

NOTE: The above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.


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