Dorm Living Prep: The Six Basics for Clothes You Will Want in Your Closet

6 Basics For Clothes You Will Want In Your ClosetBy Anita Ginsburg

Heading off to college is a big step for young people, and living in the dorms adds even more fun and excitement to the equation. Dorm life is much different than high school life, and a college student’s wardrobe needs are much different from a high school student’s. The following are six basics that each college student should have in his or her dorm room closet.

The Plain White T-shirt

There’s nothing more basic than a plain white t-shirt, and this is exactly why each college student should have at least one in his or her closet. There are many opportunities in college during which a white shirt will come in handy. Blacklight parties and other fun events will arise when a student will want to decorate a shirt creatively. Having one on-hand will prevent a last-minute trip to the mall to pick one up.

Cute Pajamas

Whether students are living in a co-ed or single-sex dorm, they will inevitably be out and about in pajamas. It could be an early morning trip to the shower or a late-night hangout in the common area. Cute pajamas are a fun way to show off your personality, so each student should keep at least one set on hand.

A Robe

Let’s face it, no one wants to get dressed in the middle of the night just to use the restroom. It is much easier to roll out of bed, throw a robe over whatever you’re wearing, and make the trek down the hallway. For this reason, a robe is really important to have in a college dorm closet.

College Gear

High school is in the past, so once you graduate from high school, it’s time to leave the fan gear at home. College students will want to represent their school and show their pride, and there is no better way to do this than by adding some college gear to the dorm room closet. These items are easy to find on and around college campuses, and gear is usually available for every season.

Something Formal And Business

High school students typically only dress up for formal dances and events. However, once you go to college, there are many events and opportunities that may arise which will require you to wear a dress or a suit. Students will be prepared for awards ceremonies, dances, and even fancy dates if they have something formal in their closet. You will want business attire for school presentations and interviews as well. You can save on your favorite brands by using coupons for

A Costume

College dorms, Greek organizations, and social groups are well known for having themed parties. Every college student should go to college prepared by bringing along at least one costume. It’s hard to scramble at the last minute to throw together something fun, so it is best to plan ahead and have something in the closet, even if it is just used as backup.

Going to college is a big step in a young person’s life, and being prepared is one way to make that transition easier. With just a few key wardrobe inclusions, new college students will be prepared to have the time of their lives.

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