Do You Know How to Put Up a Tent? 8 Steps to Becoming an Expert

tent campingHi, I am Joe. I run a website called Cool Wilderness where I provide guides and advice on the best ways to camp.

Tent camping is amazing because you get to be out in the fresh air, sleeping under the stars whilst making great memories.

Did you know? On average 28 million Americans go camping every year making it one of the most popular activities people do every year.  Despite this, many people still struggle to put up a tent.

In this article I am going to tell you the secret to making the perfect set up for your tent so that next time you go camping you can show off your new expert skills.

1). Preparation before you go.

Before you go camping you should always check your tent at home. You need to make sure that it has all of the correct parts such as poles (to help the tent stand up), pegs (to put in the ground) and a groundsheet (to keep you warm from the floor).

2). Picking the perfect location.

Once you arrive at your campsite you need to find a flat, smooth area of land to pitch your tent. It is important that you don’t put your tent up on rocky ground as this could rip the fabric of your tent. Ideally, the ground will be soft (but not wet) so that you can stick your pegs in easily.

3). Lay out your tent.

The next step is to lay your tent flat on the ground. You should position your tent in the direction that you want to face. This could be overlooking a beautiful lake or mountain, or just away from other tents.

4). Peg it down.

Once you have got the perfect position you should put a peg in the corners of the tent. This will fix the tent into position and means it will not move. This is a top tip which will make the next step a lot easier.

5). Assemble your poles.

Most tents come with poles which you slide through the fabric. This gives the tent its shape. When you put the poles in the fabric make sure you “push” them through rather than “pulling” them. This will prevent the pole piercing the fabric. It will also stop the pole from breaking apart.

6). Now lift!

Once the poles are in place inside the fabric you can lift them up. The poles will bend into place. You will be able to see the tent take shape now. If your tent has metal clips you should attach these now. If your tent doesn’t, you need to peg the poles into the ground, so they are secure.

7). Attach the rainfly.

The rainfly is the piece of fabric which will keep you dry if it rains. This is the outer layer of the tent. You need to attach this securely to the poles. Make sure the whole tent is covered so that it is fully waterproof.

8). Pin down the groundsheet.

You are almost finished. The last step is to peg down the groundsheet. The groundsheet is the floor inside the tent. Sometimes this comes attached to the tent so if you don’t have one don’t worry as it will be already there.

There you go. You are now a tent making expert. Next time you are going camping you will be able to put up your tent like a pro in no time at all.

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