DK Biography: Ronald Reagan, by Michael Burgan

By Naomi

BACK COVER: “Ronald Reagan first became famous as an actor, appearing in more than 50 movies between 1937 and 1964. But as time went on, he took an increasing interest in politics, giving speeches that endorsed conservative candidates and causes. Before long, he decided to run for office– and the rest is history. This book tells the story of Reagan’s amazing journey, from his childhood in Illinois, to his career in Hollywood, to his election as governor of California and his two terms as president of the United States.”

This book was helpful for me as I tried to prepare myself for writing a research paper on him. It wasn’t really thick, so it didn’t take forever for me to read it. Actually it was an easy read that kept me interested throughout the entire book and gave me helpful facts about his life.

It could have gone into more detail for a few things. For example, near the end of the book it said something briefly about how President or Mrs. Reagan (it didn’t even say who) had fought cancer, but that was the first and last I heard of it. So I think they shouldn’t have mentioned it at all, or given it another sentence explanation.

Anyways, for the size of the book I think it did fairly well at giving important information.

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