DIY Flamethrower for Kids

By Manny Mechanix

Here is Manny’s latest DIY project, inspired by GreekGadgetGuru and JLaser. It’s his most popular video yet, with over 1,000 views!

Flamethrowers are all the rage right now…

Elon Musk, the genius behind Tesla and SpaceX, debuted The Boring Company’s flamethrower last week, and all 20,000 have already sold out.

But even better, Manny will show you how to make your own!

This is a DIY project for kids, so it doesn’t throw the flame very far. But Musk’s doesn’t either! It’s really more like a torch.

This is a fun project! Just make sure you find a safe place to use it. 🙂

Manny aka “Manny Mechanix” is 14 years old and homeschooled in Eastern NC. Subscribe to the Manny Mechanix Channel on YouTube.

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