Deeper Assessment of Homeschooling Teens

Deeper Assessment of Homeschooling Teens

By Carlton Herman


Homeschooling teens has a myriad of benefits. Parents believe that through homeschooling, they prevent their teen from engaging in negative school-related activities.


Homeschooling entails offering education right at home by a tutor or the parent. It is considered a better option than taking teens to private or public schools. The homeschooling curriculum is similar to that in the formal schools. Homeschooling has its advantages, but at the same time, it also has its challenges. This article will take you through the benefits of homeschooling teens.

Importance of Homeschooling to the Teen

Many homeschooled teens feel more comfortable getting educated by a person they are at ease around. Some teens are naïve around strangers and can only learn well if they have one consistent tutor or their parent is doing the teaching.

Homeschooling is beneficial to teenagers whose parents are constantly traveling. Mobile families find their kids inconvenienced by the formal schools. It will be a waste of money and also awkward to the teen. Citizens without a permanent citizenship can also opt to homeschool their teenage children.

The majority of the public schools are overpopulated, and the quality of education offered may turn out to be very low. For this reason, parents tend to switch to homeschooling their teens.

Your homeschooled teen stays free from the influence of peer pressure and other negative activities such as drug abuse, bullying, and even molestation. Teens tend to mimic the behaviors of others, and it may lead to your son or daughter picking undesired habits due to negative influence.

Teens with certain disabilities and diseases are also better taught by homeschooling. It is only fair that instead of missing out on education, they are homeschooled. In addition, due to their condition, there is a high chance that the physically challenged teenager will face discrimination from other students.

To the Parent

Homeschooling provides you ample time to bond with your teen and to train and encourage them in their studies.

At times, homeschooling does not just entail the teen spending the entire day at home. You can use homeschooling to supplement formal schooling. Create a tutoring session with your teen after school. This will help you to see what your teen learns every day.

Parents with certain religious practices and cultures will benefit by homeschooling their teenagers. It will be a better way to pass on this culture to their teens by homeschooling.

You will also avoid the stress inflicted upon parents whose teens are in formal schools. Many parents with teenagers in high school worry that they will end up being negatively influenced by others.

You can cut the costs in educating your teen, especially compared to private schools. If you are a homemaker or run your businesses from the comfort of your house, homeschooling your teen is highly recommended.

Author Bio: The writer of this article is Carlton Herman, a well-known educational expert at write my assignment | Assignment Corner. Carlton, who lives in the town of Folkestone, is devoted to early childhood development works.

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