College Prep Coach Helps You Overcome Hurdles to College

A single point of contact, such as a high school guidance counselor, is recommended to provide one-on-one assistance to students interested in making the transition to college. But if you’re homeschooled, you’re kind of on your own when it comes to taking that leap and learning to navigate the system, and what if you don’t even know where to start? A College Prep Coach can bridge that gap!

For some students, the lengthy process of applying to college can be frustrating and overwhelming. Maybe your parents can’t afford to pay for the college of your choice. Maybe you’re a good student and yet you don’t do well on standardized tests. Maybe you’re a non-traditional student looking for something a little bit different, and you’re still not sure what to major in. Or maybe you’re a student athlete but unclear about the NCAA registration process and eligibility requirements to play collegiate sports. A College Prep Coach can help with that!

La’Tanya George is a College Prep Coach and president of Collegiate Counseling Services, an independent college admissions and financial aid consulting company in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She offers both on-site and virtual assistance for individuals, families, groups and organizations. La’Tanya also specializes in NCAA registration and eligibility assistance for the college-bound athlete. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through, and she can help you get around any barriers.

As a graduate of Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, La’Tanya knows what it takes to succeed in college and the benefits that a college education can provide. She has worked in this field since 1987 and has sent thousands of students to college. Drawing on her 30 years of experience as a College Prep Coach, La’Tanya knows what colleges are looking for and what it takes to get (and stay) in college, as well as how to pay for it. No matter your circumstances, a college degree doesn’t have to be out of reach.

La’Tanya advises college-bound students and student-athletes on all aspects of college planning including searching for colleges, applying to colleges, securing scholarships and other funding for college. She helps students identify their college majors and career/vocational interests in order to determine the right college to attend. Once you find a “best fit” college based on your interests and career goals, La’Tanya will seek out ways to fund your postsecondary education and help you to apply.

In addition to general college planning and financial aid assistance, La’Tanya’s company offers a wide range of services including FAFSA completion, SAT/ACT preparation, researching college admissions requirements, college application essay and portfolio development, college prep camps, online college prep class, college prep tutoring and more.

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La’Tanya’s College Prep Coach services are offered both in person and remotely to students anywhere in the United States and abroad. To contact her for a FREE consultation, please email collegehelp77 [at] or call (717) 497-9644.



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