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The average college student graduates with over $40,000 in debt. Only about 36% of full time students get their Bachelor’s degree within the normal 4 year period with most having to take 5-6 years. 85% of college graduates do NOT work in their field of study.

Given the rising costs of a college education and the fact that brick and mortar schools are not always the best option, you might be interested in a new homeschool friendly approach to college. Imagine getting your college Bachelor’s degree around the same time you graduate high school, with NO student debt – AND doing what you love to do!

Renee LoDolce, a Christian homeschool mom of 17 years, wrote College Out Of The Box, a plan to help students graduate college in less time and with a minimum amount of money. She was never one to follow the crowd and do what others do, so sending her son to a typical four year brick and mortar college was out of the question. She knew there had to be a better way.

Through a process of combining high school classes and CLEPing out of tests or taking dual credits or online college courses, you can accumulate anywhere from a few college credits for transferring to the school of your choice (and putting on a transcript) to actually earning enough credits to get a college degree around the same time you graduate high school! That is exactly what Mrs. LoDolce’s son is in the process of accomplishing – and for under $6,000!

There are programs that provide CLEP study guides or charge thousands of dollars to walk you through the process personally. But now Mrs. LoDolce has done all the research for you, lays it out step by step, and it’s all at your fingertips in one book – for only $9.99! The book lists sites and links, study helps, places to test, easy study tips, resources, secrets to getting free credits as well as scholarships and much more!

LoDolce says: “Many people over the years have asked us how we did it, where did we go for information, how did we start, where did we get college credits, etc. So I took some time and wrote it all down in an easy step-by-step format with all of the links and places to go so anyone can follow it and get their degree…. I wanted to help other people graduate college in less time and with a minimum amount of money … especially making sure not to accumulate student loans and starting off life on the wrong foot.”

LoDolce’s book combines the homeschool ideals of stepping out of the norm and accomplishing something few try to do as well as in a way that is affordable for all. “College isn’t for everyone,” says the author, “but everyone can go to college— and do it in less time with only a few thousand dollars!”

College Out Of The Box is a short, easy to read book with all the information you will need to finish high school and college at the same time, or just accumulate college credits while in high school. If you are interested in going this route, or even obtaining a few college credits to transfer into a brick and mortar school, you NEED this book!

College Out Of The Box is available on Amazon. Click here to buy now for Kindle.

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About the Author: Renee LoDolce has a passion for saving money and living a lifestyle completely out of debt. She is a lover of education, books, and helping others traverse the “narrow path”. She has been married to her husband, Torre, for over 21 years and resides in Houston, TX.

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