College Atlas: Online Encyclopedia of Higher Education

Over the last decade, has been providing advice, rankings, news and analysis for people seeking higher education opportunities. The mission of College Atlas is to educate future and current students about U.S. colleges and universities, levels and types of degrees from certificates to Ph.D.s, and career paths and outcomes. They’ve helped thousands of students make informed decisions related to college, and they can assist you in your search for the best schools and degree programs.

At College Atlas you can find a variety of relevant and up-to-date information including:

College Atlas ranks Christian Colleges, Nursing Schools, Fine Arts Schools, Business Schools, Engineering Schools, Law Schools, Accounting Colleges, and the best English and Literature Colleges, among others. To learn more about the ranking methodology, please visit the college rankings page.

In addition to ranking the top colleges, College Atlas has a handy sidebar that enables internet users to search for schools by state, major, and type of degree, including online degrees. The data on school profiles include the following, where publicly available:

  • Tuition prices
  • Degrees offered
  • Acceptance rate
  • Enrollment rate
  • Majors offered
  • College size
  • Main campus address
  • Enrollment stats
  • Current admissions officer
  • School setting

If you’re searching for a college or university, College Atlas is the best place to find one. It really is an online encyclopedia of higher education. Just about every school and degree program you could think of is listed. The site also provides career advice and other helpful information to students and the academic community. College Atlas relies on feedback from schools, education professionals, and students to help keep their content up to date and accurate.

To see a sample of what College Atlas has to offer, here is a link to their Scholarship page:

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