Coffee Scholarship: Driven to Make a Difference

“Coffee is an integral part in the lives of Americans and we believe it is an outstanding vehicle to impact change. We are Driven to make a difference.”

The life of a college student is largely characterized by microwave dinners, ten-page papers, all-nighters, crazy parties, and, of course, coffee. Coffee is a very versatile drink whether a college student wants to get the creative juices flowing or needs an instant boost of energy. Coffee can even cure procrastination or, at the very least, make up for it at the end of a semester. Coffee isn’t just the perfect study partner; it also lends itself to socializing with friends.

Driven Coffee Roasters in Chaska, Minnesota, believes that coffee can lead to an even greater purpose. To live out this philosophy, the artisan coffee roaster donates 5% of profits from web sales of coffee and related merchandise to organizations that advocate positive change in our communities and around the world. Two of their partner causes are Feed My Starving Children and Second Harvest Heartland. The Driven Coffee team also has a great coffee fundraiser that has helped thousands of schools, sports teams, and organizations across the country reach their goals.

Jen Oksnevad, a graduate of Trinity International University, e-mailed us to say: “I see that Homeschooling Teen has many scholarship resources for students. I work for Driven Coffee, a Minnesota craft coffee roaster, and we support education, helping our communities, and the people driven to make a difference. That is why we started a scholarship asking applicants, ‘What Drives you to make a difference?’ We would love to be a resource to your homeschooled student readers! Can you help us spread the opportunity by posting it on your site?”

Yes, we sure can… and here it is!

Driven Coffee Scholarship

Students enrolled in any college, university, community college, or trade school in the USA or Canada may apply. Applicants must write a 3-part essay (500 words each), in response to the following questions:

  1. What drives you to be a better person? What is your motivation to impact lives and make a difference?
  2. What are you currently doing to better your local community? How are you giving back?
  3. How are you going to use your education to help impact others in the future and make the world a better place?

The application deadline is September 1, 2019. You can see more scholarship details here: The $500 scholarship recipient will be announced on October 1, 2019.

To get in the mood for writing, order some of Driven Coffee Roasters specialty coffee – they have 25 unique flavors including Minneapolis Mud, Highlander Grogg, and Sumatran Tiger! And if you’re visiting the area this summer, stop by and say Hi! Chaska, Minnesota, is about a 30-minute drive southwest of downtown Minneapolis.

While there, you will see that Driven Coffee is located near the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The arboretum features more than 1200 acres of magnificent gardens, landscapes, and natural areas. Tour the arboretum on 12.5 miles of garden paths and bike, walk or drive the “Three-Mile Drive” to see more. Kids under 15 are free!

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