Christmas Jars: Coming Soon to DVD!

Christmas JarsIn 2005, Jason F. Wright penned a story about a Christmas tradition of collecting spare change in a jar and then giving it to someone in need. The novella, Christmas Jars, would go on to become a New York Times best seller with a reach far beyond that of a typical novel. The ensuing Christmas jar phenomenon changed the lives of many people all around the country.

Now the CHRISTMAS JARS movie is coming soon to DVD! A heartfelt reminder that kindness truly is contagious, it’s sure to inspire a whole new season of giving.

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Genre: drama, inspirational, romance, family
Rating: NR (not rated), but equivalent to G and Dove-approved for all ages!
Run time: 1 hr. 50 mins.
Studio: BYUtv
Talent: Jeni Ross, Markian Tarasiuk


The CHRISTMAS JARS movie shares the story of Hope Jensen, an aspiring reporter who uncovers the secret behind a series of money-filled glass jars anonymously given to people in need. Hope desperately wants to publish her article, but doing so would be a breach of trust to those who entrusted her with their secret. What happens next will change her life forever.

For Fans of:

  • Hallmark Channel
  • Feel-good films
  • Family-friendly movies
  • Clean romance
  • Jane Austen
  • Inspirational films
  • Holiday movies
  • The Christmas Jars book


  • Thanksgiving/Christmas
  • Giving/generosity
  • Charity
  • Kindness
  • Romance
  • Christmas miracle

Teri’s Review:

I personally pre-screened and truly enjoyed this film! If you are a homeschool teen, I’m sure you will like it too. CHRISTMAS JARS is actually a great family-friendly movie for all ages. It’s a well-produced and well-acted drama with a healthy dose of comedy, romance, and touching moments. Plus it has a wonderful message for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season about generosity and kindness.

In some ways, CHRISTMAS JARS reminds me of one of my favorite holiday movies, It’s a Wonderful Life. CHRISTMAS JARS is not an overtly religious movie, but it focuses on the virtue of charity, while implying how God can take a bad situation and turn it into something good.

The opening sequence was interesting to watch as about 20 years went by in the first five minutes. The rest of the movie picks up where those events left off and eventually comes full circle back to the beginning.

CHRISTMAS JARS is a heartwarming story that will help set the tone for the season of giving, and make you want to start your own Christmas jar tradition.

Preorder the DVD:

You can preorder the DVD on Amazon (expected release date 11/29/2019).

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