Christianity in One Word

By Aria Hopes

If someone asked you to explain Christianity in one word, what would you say? Maybe “church”? Or “faith”? “Religion”? Or, maybe you might even say “fake.” Your answer would depend on who you are and where you stand. So what is Christianity to you?

Think about a girl, who had lost her mom, to someone who killed her. And her dad had been so depressed he just gave up on life completely and had also died but had killed himself. This girl is now in a foster home, and someone hands her a Bible. . . All she does is look at it. What is Christianity to her? Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s something, maybe she just doesn’t know. Maybe she’s so depressed that she doesn’t care.

Though, what if that same girl, open up that Bible, and accepted Jesus Christ as her savior, and her life just turned around for the better and she could smile again and she lived her life to help others, to show them Jesus? Who would we all be, if we just gave up our selfish ways, and actually made the world a better place? Christianity: a better way of life. A hope, for the hopeless. A way of escape from a world that will not really care when you really need most. Hope.

So, can you explain Christianity in one word? (Leave a comment below.)

About the Author: Aria Hopes has a passion for God and a passion for writing that He has given her. Many things she addresses in her articles are: emotional problems, relationships, society, new and old Christian artists, songs, movies, beliefs, etc., and or how they are seen through her opinion as well as the Bible’s, including God’s standards in everything. Aria hopes to become either a Christian Counselor, writer, lawyer, and business owner, or all. She is interested in law, government, psychology, art, counseling, etc. Her hobbies include reading, drawing, writing music, playing music, singing, writing poetry, etc.

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