Cate & Grace

By Zoe Olson

Hello there!! You may be thinking “This doesn’t look like Zoe’s art style.” Well, that’s because this month I’m presenting to you something a bit different: a collaboration!!

This was sketched out by one of my best (internet) friends, Emma.

Since she wasn’t up to it at the time, she asked me to finish the sketch off with some lineart and color! So I got right to work.

This is a drawing of our original characters, Cate (left) and Grace (right) enjoying some milkshakes. Cate is hers and Grace is mine. We enjoy drawing and writing stories about them often. They too happen to be best friends. 🙂

I enjoyed lining the hair the most. Even though it got pretty confusing at times, It was worth the frustration.

I will most likely shade this in the near future, but for right now it shall remain flat colored.

I hope you all have a great 2016!! Seeya next month. 🙂

I do commissions at Buffaloh.daisy on instagram.

(Just to make it clear, the idea for the drawing, the sketch, and “Cate” belong to Emma, aka “@Owl.bait” on instagram. I just worked to line and color it.)


Zoe Olson, 14, has been homeschooled since age five.

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