Can’t Decide On A Major? Useful Tips to Help You Find Your Passion

questionsBy Anita Ginsburg

Choosing a major is an important life and financial decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. It is an unfortunate fact that many students rush into choosing their major and later regret it. In fact, studies show that over half of students entering college have second thoughts about their college major choice.

Navigating the path of life can be a challenge, but the world is full of opportunities to find what you are passionate about, if you will open up and engage with others to explore the possibilities around you. Below are six ways to help you find the right major.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to gain life experience and learn more about a specific job, while contributing to your community and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Keep in mind that one of the biggest mistakes that students make is choosing a major without any exposure to the work environment and responsibilities.


Similar to volunteering, employment offers the opportunity to experience a job and career first hand. In order to confirm your passion, consider trying out your dream job. If you have stable living arrangements, work your dream job for three to six months. This will provide valuable work experience and also allow you to decide that your dream job is not a nightmare.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to expand your horizons, learn a second language, and experience life in a meaningful way. If you are struggling with choosing a major, consider taking off a year through studying abroad. This will reflect well on your resume, help you decide what you want out of life, and give you independent life skills.

Ask for Advice

While there are professionals available at school, such as counselors, there are also informal sources of help. One of the best ways to learn about a major is to discuss it with a graduate. They will be able to share their personal experiences and what they liked or disliked about the program.

Take a Class

If you are interested in a specific career, such as criminology, consider taking a class to see how well you like it and how interested you are after the course is finished. Taking one class is much easier and less expensive than finishing an entire major in a course that you aren’t that passionate about.

Consider Online School

For many students, work, family life and volunteering can make it difficult to be in the classroom at certain times. Online schools will allow you to pursue the major of your dream because you can choose from hundreds of different schools located throughout the U.S. For example, you could pursue an online Master in Criminal Justice and keep your schedule flexible for other responsibilities at the same time. Studying online gives you the opportunity to pursue other interests and work without giving up the education you need.

In conclusion, choosing a major is a hard decision that can be successfully made with these tips. Don’t be afraid to take chances, make changes, and try something new if you are unsure what your passion is. Finding your passion will be like having a personal road map showing the intersection of your life and the world. Then you will know what steps you should take, and what major you should pursue, on the path to get your dream job.

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