Can’t Decide On A Career? Six of the Fastest Growing Fields to Consider

By Anita Ginsburg

Deciding on the right career is a difficult decision that shouldn’t be made lightly. The good news is that there are rapidly growing fields that will make your decision easier. Below introduces six of the fastest growing fields that you should consider.

Information Technology (IT)

Every industry relies on IT professionals to keep them connected to the digital business world. This is because more and more companies are outsourcing their networking and technology needs to third- party IT companies. Popular careers include IT support specialists, information security analysts and network and database administrators.


Engineers are well-paid and enjoy stable job security. In fact, engineers have excellent prospects both at home and abroad. For example, industrial and petroleum engineers are in high demand around the world. The military, aerospace, government, oil and gas industries and manufacturing all continually need skilled engineers.


Business is still the most popular major among American colleges. Getting a business degree trains graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge that are in high demand. Popular majors include management, marketing, human resources and supply chain management. Business majors are able to work within every industry and the government.


The Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that the job growth for interpreters and translators will grow by almost 50 percent by the year 2022. As America becomes more diverse and international, the demand for interpreters and translators is growing.


Most students don’t think of construction technology when they think about college. However, there is a current lack of skilled construction professionals in both the private and commercial sectors. Carpenters, brick masons, electricians and plumbers are all in high demand. Residential and commercial building construction experts will always be in high demand.


Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields. In fact, some healthcare jobs are expected to grow between 40 to 50 percent by the year 2022. Some of the most popular majors include nursing, sonography and occupational therapy. Radiography is also growing fast with high demand for health care professionals experienced with radiological operations and equipment. Getting a radiology bachelor’s degree online can help you prepare for this exciting career.

IT, engineering, business, languages, construction, and healthcare are all growing rapidly. Choosing one of these fields will offer an exciting career and plenty of opportunities for growth and earning potential.

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