Can Advanced Technology Replace Teachers in Our Classrooms?

can-advanced-technology-replace-teachers-in-our-classroomsBy Jenny Gunn

We see that in this modern age, technology is replacing everything. We do not need papers and pens, as software can be used to write on; we do not need physical books since the advent of e-books and PDFs. So, can this modern technology replace teachers too? Is this technology sophisticated enough to teach children, even when they are sitting at home? Is the need of human teachers being eliminated? Let us talk about some of these questions that might have drastic implications for our education system in the long run.

The Debate

This is an ongoing debate and you will find numerous articles on this issue. As there are always two sides of an argument, you will find two sets of arguments in this article too; one arguing that the technology will replace teachers, while the other indicating it cannot.

Technology Can Easily Replace Teachers

You might have seen many online courses offered by numerous top universities and how this has opened doors for students all around the world as now they can study whatever subject in any field they want from their homes.

It was after the introduction of these courses that the debate about this topic got started. Now that the students have an access to all the resources at home, what is the need of the physical presence of teachers, right?

Moreover, we see more and more use of computers in the classrooms. We see social media is being used in learning environments, we see children using multiple apps to help them in their studies.

Now, let us talk about some points from the other side of the debate. Although technology is helping a lot in the learning environment, it has not completely taken over the role of a teacher.

Technology Cannot Replace Teachers

Technology is merely an augmentation to a teacher. It can help the process of learning, but it certainly cannot replace the role of the teacher.

Even in online courses, we see that teachers are necessary to give lectures, whether in the form of videos, tutorials or via Skype sessions. Children still need to learn computers, which of course are taught by teachers.

Students need teachers to direct them in learning hands-on skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and mechanics. Moreover, in order to learn critical skills like decision making, time management, etc. a child needs a teacher, as the technology cannot teach these human skills.

It is also important that we remember a teacher is more than just a facilitator of knowledge; a teacher also acts as a guide, a mentor and an inspiration for students, a role that cannot be replaced by technology of any kind.


After reading both the sides of the argument, it is quite clear that technology is assisting students in their learning and it is playing a crucial role in the field of education. But, as of now, it does not have the power to replace teachers because human interaction cannot be replaced by computers and human skills cannot be taught by technology. However, it is also important that modern teachers become aware of the new technologies that can be used to enhance the learning environment.

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