Call of Duty World War 2

Call of Duty World War 2By Zach

Call of Duty World War 2 is a first person shooter taking place in World War II, with three different modes: Zombies, campaign and multiplayer.


In the campaign you play as an American soldier. The first mission is on D-DAY which seems ripped straight out of Saving Private Ryan. This game is also not very historically
accurate, with Nazi swastikas being censored, and female soldiers.

I do like the gunplay, and I thought the actual story was very good and the cutscenes were awesome as well.

My favorite mission was the one where you are a French resistance soldier disguised as a Nazi, fighting real Nazis along the way.

The graphics are best in the single player campaign; there are some really cool stealth missions too.

Nazi Zombies

The goal is to survive as long as possible against zombies. Zombies has always been my favorite Call of Duty mode.

The zombies map included takes place in a underground bunker full of zombies.

The voice talent for one of the Zombie hunters is Ving Rhames, who is an awesome actor and does a great job playing his role.

I did complete the Zombies mode story with 3 other online players; it took us about an hour and thirty minutes to complete.

In my opinion it is one of Call of Duty’s best zombies maps, and is one of the scariest zombies modes to date.


Multiplayer is my least favorite mode. Playing against other players online on different modes is fun, but there are only 9 maps, and the graphics are the worst in multiplayer.

I do like the weapons quite a bit though! The M1 Grand was my personal favorite. My favorite mode is War, which is an objective based mode.

Multiplayer is very fun to play with friends, but is lacking in content and good graphics.


I’d give Call of Duty World War 2 a 7.5/10; it’s the best COD game since Black Ops 2.

Thanks for reading my review!

Zach is a 14-year-old homeschooler who reviews movies, books, and games.

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