Butterfly Craze Pillow Lounger

By Tab Olsen

The Butterfly Craze Pillow Lounger is an amazing product! If you read my OXA Pocket Spring Pillow review, you may recall I have a whole bunch of bed pillows at home that I tried and didn’t like. I hate to get rid of them, but what to do with all these extra pillows, as you can only use so many. I was tired of seeing them all piled up on my couch. Then I found the perfect solution – the Butterfly Craze Pillow Lounger!

The Butterfly Craze pillow lounger is basically just a colorful fabric cover with five pillow pockets, each with its own zipper. The cover is available in two sizes: Queen or King (corresponding to the pillow size that you use). My pillows are all standard size, so I got the queen cover. Simply stuff a pillow into each pocket and zip it up. Voila, you’ve just created a pillow lounger that’s comfy, cute, and fun to boot! Lay flat to lounge or fold under to use in a seated or reclining position.

Both lounger sizes are the same length, 88 inches. The queen cover is 26″ wide; the king measures 32″ wide. The manufacturer recommends queen size for younger children and king-size for older kids to adults. But in my opinion both sizes can be used by kids, teens and adults of all ages. Young and old, short and tall, big and small, the queen-size lounger has been used by all five people in my home. (Since it’s made of pillows, keep this product away from babies due to danger of suffocation.)

The Butterfly Craze pillow lounger is versatile enough for a multitude of uses: reading nook, play tent/fort, afternoon naps, sleepovers/slumber parties, playing video games, watching TV, movie night, listening to music, just relaxing and hanging out, visiting grandparents, or my personal favorite – sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace or in the warmth of a sunny window on a cold day. You can also place it against a headboard as a backrest, prop it up lengthwise against the wall behind a twin bed to create a cute daybed, or tuck it into a bunk bed to make it more cozy. You can even put it on top of a recliner for added comfort, or use it as a sick bed when someone’s not feeling well. A set of Butterfly Craze loungers also would be a perfect fit for a Bohemian-style attic room like that of the March sisters in the modern remake of Little Women.

Kids can use their imaginations to create many magical moments with the help of the colorful designs:

(I think there’s also supposed to be a camouflage print and a black/white polka dot, but the camouflage print is sold out and I don’t see the black-and-white one on Amazon at this time.)

The pillows add softness and a little bit of bounce. It’s like sleeping on a fluffy cloud! I don’t know why they didn’t make the lounger in a pretty blue and white cloud pattern – they should totally do that! You might think the gaps in between the pillows would be kind of uncomfortable, but they’re barely noticeable when you’re laying down or sitting on it. Plus the gaps are beneficial for folding the lounger into different positions.

The Butterfly Craze pillow lounger is not only stylish and comfortable, it’s well-made and high quality. The super soft velvety fabric cover (100% polyester) has a silky smooth sheen. The fabric is fade resistant so the cover will stay fresh and new-looking longer. You can spot clean or remove all the pillows and place the cover in the washing machine. (Machine wash, cool water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low.) With the pillows tucked inside, the end product looks snuggly and luxurious, like it must have been expensive (which it’s not!).

The only tricky part is how to store the lounger once it’s filled with pillows. It’s too much trouble to have to take them out after every use. (And I don’t want to wear out the zippers, because from my experience with sleeping bags and tents, that’s always the first part that breaks.) If you’re using the lounger daily like in a family room or play room, you can prop it up in a corner or fold it into a chair. If not, you can roll it up and place it inside a large laundry bag or a sleeping bag sack and store it in a closet. Or if you have room to lay it flat under a bed, you can slip it under there (but it might get dusty).

The Butterfly Craze pillow lounger expands on the concept of the floor pillow in a clever, creative way. For overnight visitors, it’s easy to move around and less time consuming than an inflatable bed or air mattress. No more bulky bean bag chairs with little plastic pellets coming out of the seams! If the pillows eventually go flat, you can simply replace them and the lounger will be like new again. You can even make the lounger firmer or softer according to your preference, depending on the type of pillows you put in it. (Keep in mind, the thicker and fluffier the pillow, the harder it will be to fit into the pouch.)

I suppose if you’re good at sewing (I don’t have the time, talent, or patience), you could probably make your own pillow bed cover using any fabric you wanted. Still, this one is so inexpensive, it’s well worth it – and it’s a great value even for multiple purchases. You can get matching loungers or a different color/pattern for each person. They also have a lovely Butterfly Craze flower floor pillow.

Based in Oceanside, California, Butterfly Craze specializes in unique, whimsical, and stylish children’s accessories and home decor — think flowers, fairies, butterflies, and princesses! Since their start in 1995 as a home-based business, they’ve grown to become a full-fledged online business. On Amazon, make sure you’re looking at the original lounger made and sold by Butterfly Craze (NOT the Chinese knockoff, although admittedly this one is made in China too).

Remember, the Butterfly Craze pillow lounger comes as a COVER ONLY to use with your own pillows. Pillows are NOT included. Both sizes require five pillows. Queen Size fits five Queen or Standard pillows, and measures 26” W x 88”L. King Size fits five king-sized pillows, and measures 32″ W X 88″ L. There isn’t much difference in price between the two cover sizes. If you don’t have extra pillows at home, you can buy some basic queen or king pillows on sale at Amazon, Target, or Walmart – they have cheap pillows for as low as $5 each!

NOTE: The above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.

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