BrainPOP Exposed for Pushing Leftist Ideologies

By The Right-Wing Teen

BrainPOP was founded in 1999 by Dr. Avraham Kadar as a creative way to explain difficult concepts to his young patients of elementary and middle school-age. The site grew to become a trusted learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects, reaching millions of learners worldwide. Subject categories include STEM, Social Studies, English, Health, Art and Music.

Today, we find out that BrainPOP has been turned into an indoctrination tool that pushes leftist ideologies like Critical Race Theory and gender identity on children. Jonathan Koeppel, a Spanish teacher at St. Tammany Parish District in Louisiana, went before his school board to tell how the app indoctrinates kids about racism and gender.

Racist Lies

The first video he played from the app said:

“Racism in our society: a built-in system of bias that makes life easier for white people and more difficult for black people and other people of color. It puts them at greater risk for poverty, unemployment, and disease. Structural racism is a factor in some disturbing trends. Black people are nearly six times more likely than whites to be imprisoned, and black men are killed by police more than twice the rate of white men.”

So, BrainPOP is telling young kids that black children are oppressed by white people and there’s a system stopping them from having a chance. But America doesn’t have a caste system! Or systemic racism for that matter. That’s why the United States has the highest number of immigrants in the world. They want to come here to pursue “The American Dream.”

The American Dream is rooted in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, where it says that everyone has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Anyone – regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into – can attain success, prosperity, and upward mobility if they work hard and do their best.

Look at Venus and Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Kanye West, Denzel Washington, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, and President Obama just to name some famous black people. Also, the NFL and NBA are predominantly comprised of black players, all of whom are millionaires. The list goes on and on…

Would any of these people have reached the same pinnacle of success if we had systemic racism in this country? Of course not! It’s a ridiculous notion! Critical Race Theory is a distorted view of the role that race plays over and above many other factors such as ambition, talent, and persistence.

Gender Misnomers

Next, Mr. Koeppel played a clip from BrainPOP discussing the use of “they” as a singular pronoun:

“Some individuals prefer ‘they’ as a pronoun… They are my best friends.”

Seriously? BrainPOP is targeting kids who are learning to read and write, and teaching them incorrect grammar!

The Spanish teacher then gave the school board a biology lesson: “There’s two genders. If you’re born with a penis and you have testicles, that’s just anatomy. You’re a male. If you have a vagina and ovaries you’re a female. A man cannot menstruate. A man cannot lactate and breastfeed a child. You cannot give birth if you’re a man.”

He added, “You need to make a clear statement on how many genders are there, because parents [are] already pulling kids out of public school. They’re doing homeschool options. They’re going online. It’s going to increase as this liberal ideology comes into our schools. This isn’t a political indoctrination camp, okay? It’s public education.”

Thank you, Mr. Koeppel, for standing up and speaking the truth. [Embedded video not showing? Click here for The Scoop.]

The Perils of BrainPOP

By the way, there’s another BrainPOP presentation called Mind-something, and that one made you click through a series of “logic” problems which resulted in you accepting the idea that certain people lived in “The Matrix of False Ideas” just like the movie, and how kids have to be like Neo to fight the crazy ideas and people who support things like the Second Amendment and border walls.

Browse through their topics and I’m sure you’ll find more. If anyone in your family uses the BrainPOP app, consider yourself forewarned!

Meanwhile, while they’re wasting time force feeding nonsense like this to young impressionable kids, there are hundreds of public schools where half the students are not even proficient in basic math, reading, and other subjects.

As always, parental involvement is key. Many people have no idea this stuff is going on and at what level it’s being inserted into their children’s schooling. Seriously, some parents research more about their next vacation than knowing what their kids are being taught.

Homeschoolers need to be vigilant, too, especially if they use online learning apps like BrainPOP. A required semester of Critical Thinking wouldn’t hurt, either. Students have to learn how to think for themselves, ask questions, and debate issues, or they will be easily brainwashed.


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