“Boycott Target” Rap: Mixing Music and Politics

Boycott Target

“Target, Target, yeah they target kids.”

Kurt Jantz, professionally known as Forgiato Blow, is an American Christian rapper who has composed many songs to demonstrate his love for Donald Trump, America, and conservative ideals. His music often concerns culture war topics; for instance, his song “Boycott Target,” which calls out the department store for sexualizing children.

“Boycott Target” rapidly climbed the music charts, even beating the likes of Taylor Swift. The song was ranked #1 on iTunes all genres at one point and has been a headliner in the news since it was released on May 25. The music video has over one million views on YouTube, and the catchy tune has been growing in popularity ever since its reveal, with 68K likes (but it’s probably more now).

“Boycott Target” was written in response to Target selling pride propaganda to children, the inclusion of in-your-face LGBTQ+ products, and partnership with a Satanist fashion designer. Many parents were upset at the inclusion of over-sexualized ideas in children’s books and clothing, as well as pride displays that feature transgender swimwear for kids and LGBT onesies for babies.

The idea of boycotting Target went viral on social media, and many well-known conservatives championed the revolt. Forgiato Blow apparently saw the Target controversy as an opportunity for a hit single, and he took it.

Some of his song lyrics include, “Target is targetin’ your kids, this agenda’s gotta stop” and “We need a clean up on every aisle, inside this store Satan resides.

At one point, the song takes aim at the surgical and chemical castration of children confused about their sex: “You know that LGBTQ went too far/You know they cutting these kids, they leaving trannies with scars.”

Music & Politics

While the Target uproar has been ongoing in the limelight for several weeks now, the hit song likely brought attention to a wider, younger audience. A recent Forbes study shows that 94% of Gen Z survey respondents say that music is important to their lives. In that same study, 40% say that music plays a role in shaping their social circle.

“Now that sites have ‘trending’ features, it’s an easy way for the same ideas to be planted in all our heads at the same time,” Zach Sprouse, Regent University student and Family Research Council intern says. “In a way, it’s a good idea to reach Gen Z through trending songs and posts, because most young people are way more likely to listen to the #1 song of the day rather than turn on the news.”

So, is it beneficial for politics to merge with modern arts to impress different ideas? Studies show that this is already happening. “We ought to just embrace it and use trending features to spread our objectives,” Sprouse concludes. Music and the arts are highly influential in modeling our perception of the world. Artists like Forgiato Blow understand the ripple effect of their music and will most likely continue pushing agendas in their work in the future.

“Thank you so much for supporting us,” Blow said in a Twitter video. “That’s how we change culture, that’s how we change the evilness that’s happening with our children.”

“Boycott Target” urges listeners to continue to boycott the retail giant, which lost $10 billion in ten days amid outrage over Pride-themed clothing items for children. The company’s stock value dropped from $160.96 a share to $138.93 a share.

The New York Post reports, “The more than 22% drop in value for the blue chip stock … stands as the retailer’s lowest stock price in nearly three years. The last time the company saw a drop nearly this big came … during the COVID pandemic.”

“Let’s protest until they close, and they ain’t gonna be missed.”

The music video for “Boycott Target” by Forgiato Blow and Jimmy Levy, featuring Nick Nittoli and Stoney Dudebro, was filmed inside a Target store! WATCH:

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