Boosting Your Grades With Smart Tech In The Home

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By Leigh M.

Homeschooled kids do better on standardized tests and are 12% more likely to graduate from college than mainstream school students, according to multiple studies. While the one-to-one support you get plays an important role in the grades you achieve, the environment that you work in plays an integral role, too. This is why all homeschoolers should learn in a smart home: smart technology promises to support you in earning the highest grades possible.

Adjustable lighting to aid performance

The lighting in the room you’re studying in can have a major impact on your learning. Research has found that individuals working in a brightly lit room do better than people who study in poorly lit rooms. Variable lighting colors have even been found to impact performance in the classroom. Smart lighting is, therefore, ideal for your home classroom, as a simple app on your smartphone or tablet allows you to adjust the brightness of the room. Smart multi-color lightbulbs that you can change the color of in an instance should be used, too, as researchers have found that a bluish-white shade that’s close to daylight lighting resulted in more alert students and higher grades.

Secure data

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predicts that every household will have 50 connected devices by 2022. You’ll likely use many of these gadgets, including a tablet, laptop and smartboard, to aid your learning. However, as these gadgets have all your hard work stored on them, as well as your personal information, it’s crucial that all your data is protected Having a secure login across all devices is wise. Each password should be unique, uncommon, and something that can’t be guessed. There’s no need to worry about forgetting multiple passwords, as the likes of Google Smart Lock can be used to login to your laptop with your phone and to sync your passwords across multiple devices. By creating, storing and managing your passwords in such a way, there’s no risk of being unable to access your work, so you’ll never fall behind and risk damaging your final grades.

Temperature control for comfort

A study from Cornell University found that the best temperature for productivity is between 70 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, Westview High School found that students taking tests at 72 degrees Fahrenheit achieved a high score of 90%. Smart home thermostats with multi-room control allow you to quickly and easily monitor the temperature of the room you’re studying in and make adjustments swiftly with your phone or tablet. You can even check the temperature of the room as soon as you wake up, and remotely put the heating or air conditioning on so that when it’s time to get your head down and study, the temperature is exactly what you require. If you’ve got a voice-activated assistant in your home, such as Alexa or Cortana, you can even ask them to do the job for you.

Living in a smart home and making the most of the different types of technology on offer can significantly benefit you as a homeschooler. From keeping you alert to increasing your performance, smart home technology promises to help you deliver and achieve the grades you desire.

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