Boost Your Learning Capacity: 32 Amazing Tips

Do you want to become a better student? Do you have a tough time learning or studying? Have you ever felt that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Or that you’re always struggling to get everything done in time?

Students—and anyone trying to learn something new—will probably understand what we’re talking about. You may attend an online class, community college, trade school, or university. You may be studying to enhance your knowledge via books, seminars, lectures, or e-courses.

No matter what your age, throughout your life you will be learning. So it makes sense to acquire good study habits sooner rather than later. Skills such as speed reading and comprehension are useful for all the great information you want to take in.

Want to know the secrets for improving your ability to learn? Here is a list of 32 tips, which are illustrated in the infographic below.

  1. Have an open discussion.
  2. Start with smaller things.
  3. Teach others.
  4. Learn in bursts.
  5. Take handwritten notes.
  6. Space your studies out.
  7. Take a nap.
  8. Change things up.
  9. Assign goals.
  10. Concentrate.
  11. Trick yourself.
  12. Learn different subjects.
  13. Make it simpler to remember.
  14. Get your worries out of the way.
  15. Test yourself.
  16. Read out loud.
  17. Focus on the learning process.
  18. Try speed reading.
  19. Use mind maps.
  20. Set boundaries for yourself.
  21. Multitask effectively.
  22. Be more positive.
  23. Look things up.
  24. Prevent knowledge gaps.
  25. Keep asking questions.
  26. Develop a ritual.
  27. Be ready to fail.
  28. Know why you’re learning.
  29. Be realistic.
  30. Take advantage of the Pareto Principle.
  31. Step out of your comfort zone.
  32. Ask for feedback.

The infographic by Jack Milgram explains each of these concepts in detail. While most can obviously be applied to classes, you can adapt them to any learning situation. We all have different learning styles, so pick the techniques that work best for you!

Source: Boost Your Learning Capacity: 32 Amazing Tips

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