Book Review: The Hiding Place

By Naomi

Corrie ten Boom was a daughter of a watch maker, who ends up helping to hide Jews and other people hiding from the Germans, after the Germans invaded her hometown. For a while the plan, hiding the Jews in a secret room in her bedroom, worked fine. Corrie made connections with others in the underground railroad to get more rations for the people she was hiding, but eventually she was caught… her and her family. She was taken to prison after prison until they finally kept her at one. While there she worked hard. One day they chose Corrie to go with a group of women. She waited her turn to go up to a table where a Nazi soldiers sat. A couple of women in front of her got certificates to leave the concentration camp. Corrie ten Boom was released; only years later did she learn that there was a mix-up and she was supposed to have been executed.

This is a wonderful story of faith, and growing in God. At some many places in the book I thought, “I wouldn’t be able to do that,” and only when I was almost finished with the book did I realize Corrie wouldn’t have be able to do that either… on her own, but with God she was able to accomplish the task He set before her.

Near the end of the book Corrie goes back to the Beje, where she lives. She agrees to help the underground railroad again, but realizes she doesn’t have that gift anymore… it must not be what she needs now.

She went on to travel and teach, write books and even made several appearances in a few short movies. Her life really was a testimony of true faith, and I’d recommend this book to anyone, anyone who was old enough to understand what was going on. Someone recommended this book to me and it took about five years to actually decide to read it. Don’t wait like I did.

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