Book Review: No Saints in Kansas

No Saints in Kansas

Book Review by Alexandria Martinez

No Saints in Kansas – Amy Brashear

YA Novel

Pub Date: Nov. 14, 2017

Page Count: 320

ISBN: 978-1-61695-683-7

Publisher: Soho Teen

No Saints in Kansas is a gripping reimagining of Truman Capote’s non-fiction novel In Cold Blood and the brutal murders that inspired it.

This book is a fictional take on the real murder of the Clutter Family with no obvious motive that had occurred on November 15, 1959.

*Please take note that the details in this book are true, only fictional insert is Carly Fleming.*

Author Amy Brashear puts a fictional twist on this infamous murder by inserting into the plot a fictional friend of Nancy Clutter, Carly Fleming, who secretly tutored Nancy. Carly Fleming is new in town, a New Yorker who is in desperation to fit in with the small town life. Shortly after the murder, Nancy Clutter’s boyfriend, Bobby Rupp was suspected for the murder being he was the last one who saw the family alive. Carly didn’t believe he was guilty.

Due to her determination of finding the truth, Carly dives into the investigation of the murder, eventually landing herself into trouble with the authorities. Now that Bobby is seen as an outsider also, their bond grows stronger than ever as they try to make sense of the brutal murder. After all, they were the only ones who truly knew Nancy Clutter.

To me, this book was truly a riveting and interestingly gripping read. I couldn’t get enough. After reading, I was taken aback to learn that this was based off of a true story. I did a little research and found a Wikipedia page, if anyone is interested in the original story of the case; here’s that link.

Additional details on the original story can be found at:


BIO: My name is Alexandria and I am a homeschooled teen from Oklahoma (Tornado Alley). I have been homeschooled for the past seven years. I spend my days playing basketball, reading, writing and studying psychology, as well as, true crime. I am the oldest of four kids and I have three preposterous but loveable younger brothers. I plan to graduate college and pursue a career in a field that involves both computer science and criminal justice. One of my favorite quotes; “One of the deep secrets in life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.” – Lewis Carroll

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