Bold Teens: A Field Manual to Live a Courageous Life for God

Sean Feucht is a speaker, author, missionary, artist, activist, and the founder of Let Us Worship, a movement across America gathering believers to worship and pray boldly for revival. He also founded Hold the Line, a movement seeking to engage the church and young people to inform, educate, and inspire the next generation of leaders to stand for what is right in the governmental arena. Additionally, he founded Burn 24-7, a worship and prayer movement now spanning six continents and more than 250 cities, as well as the Light A Candle global missions and compassion movement bringing light, hope, healing, and tangible love to the hardest, darkest, and most isolated places of the earth.

Sean Feucht’s first book was titled Bold: Moving Forward in Faith, Not Fear. It was a true, heartfelt account of how Sean was led by God to enter a new arena in his boldness and faith in leading worship meetings during the lockdowns of the Covid pandemic. At the height of the pandemic lockdowns, he responded with faith rather than fear to cancel culture and weaponized media narratives. His newest book is titled Bold Teens: A Field Manual to Live a Courageous Life for God.

“God is at work in the hearts of young people, yet the enemy is unrelenting, attacking young people in ways we’ve never seen before! I wrote BOLD TEENS to impact the next generation of young Believers, and I’m so excited to share a first-look at the cover! If you haven’t pre-ordered BOLD TEENS, click the link below and order it for a young person you want to see transformed by the Gospel!” –Sean Feucht


In BOLD TEENS, Sean Feucht shares the rich journey of encountering God in the Amazonian jungle at age 12 and running heartily after Him in the call on his life ever since. From stories on learning identity in Christ, taking three guitar chords and giving God an unreserved yes to meeting and pursuing Kate with honor and purity, his testimony inspires the reader to lean in to God’s best for their lives as well.

Holding nothing back, he includes the laughs and victories, blunders and broken guitar strings along the way, and keys to victory in God, to overcome the snares and pitfalls that face this generation. Readers of any age will glean rich, Bible-laced lessons and encouragement in their faith: the foundation that God is good and actively encountering people as much today as in the book of Acts or any time in history.

A great gift for any teen, BOLD TEENS story-tells and encourages with clarity and a fatherly voice—one generation telling God’s works to another—inviting God and them to do it again.

“I poured my heart and soul into this book! My heart is to impact the next generation of young Believers. The enemy is attacking our youth, and we can help equip them for the fight!! Order BOLD TEENS for someone in your life. It makes a great Christmas gift, but you don’t need to wait to order!” –Sean Feucht

This LIMITED RUN of books won’t be in stock for long, so make sure to grab your copy today!


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