Best Podcasts for Teens

By Lewis

Podcasts are becoming the new audiobook. They’re easy, portable, and have countless episodes so listeners can keep up each week or scroll through to find their favorite topics. It seems, however, that most podcasts listed on top charts or in news reports are geared toward adults. So what about teens looking to get in on the podcast action? There are actually tons of different podcasts teens can tune into, some of which are made specifically for their age group.

Things like news, interviews, true crime, and fantasy casts are all out there for the broad teen age range to sink their teeth into.

Tailored To Teens

There are some podcasts out there that are tailored specifically to teens. Not all are as traditionally informative as the Gundry MD podcast, but they still hold a social weight for teens by tackling issues unique to them. One such show for the younger end of the teenage spectrum is The Awkward Teenager Show. It’s hosted by two best friends, acting under pseudonyms, who discuss the woes and turmoils of middle school life. They cover everything from school functions and homework hurdles to board games and the social life of a newly minted teen. It puts a hilarious spin on what might seem like the worst moments in a young person’s life and reminds them they’re not alone in their embarrassment.

Another helpful podcast is Teenager Therapy, which focuses on addressing mental health issues prevalent in the age group. All five hosts are late teenagers themselves and created the show so their peers could address emotional issues they face every day. Topics include things like body shaming, self-image, self-esteem, and even sexuality. This podcast is a great option for teens who feel like they’re struggling to find themselves or their own moral center during high school. It offers advice and insight from other people going through the same situations with a similar point of view, so listeners can feel more receptive and represented.

Finally, a third podcast that might seem geared toward the fairer sex, but could surely be enjoyed by all is Sssh! Periods. This podcast was recently recognized by NPR as a great and funny resource for young teenagers to learn about all things gender and other topics too. It covers, of course, periods and how they are stigmatized in our society, but also looks at other topics like homelessness, sexism, and gender equality. It includes clips from various eighth graders in New York who share their own insights on the episode’s topic, which can be entertaining and also informative for their peer listeners.

Overall Podcasts

Although not created specifically for teens, there are some podcasts teens can enjoy just as well. One incredibly popular option is This American Life, an NPR podcast hosted by Ira Glass. Glass has a certain knack for taking mundane situations and turning them into fabulous stories. The focus of the show is to highlight different snippets of the U.S. by interviewing people and letting them tell their story to the world. It’s great for people interested in how other people live or stories of overcoming great adversity.

If a young listener is more geared toward STEM subjects and looking for a podcast that dives into those topics, then they should look no further than Radiolab. This program looks at a variety of different scientific situations and assesses how things work, why they work, or why they don’t. It’s more technical than just storytelling, but offers tons of great information and an easy learning opportunity for kids looking to listen to science, math, and engineering problems.

Finally, Ask Me Another is a great option for any party or road trip looking to spice up the fun. It’s a radio game show with a live audience where you can answer questions and keep score to see who wins!

Podcasts are a great way to spend idle time during your day, and there are plenty of options for and tailored to teens.

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