Best Educational Apps for Students

By James

With thousands of educational apps available, it can be difficult to decide on the best ones to select for your needs. Go4prep has made an effort to summarize the benefits of educational apps, important considerations to keep in mind when choosing the perfect app, and the top ten apps currently on the market. These apps cover a variety of subjects from English to Math, and all ages from preschool to adult – with app choices for both students and teachers.

Benefits of Mobile Learning Apps:

  1. Fun and informal
  2. Staying connected with teachers and guides
  3. Becoming tech-savvy
  4. Learning by sharing
  5. Round the clock availability
  6. Effective utilization of leisure hours
  7. Portability

How to Choose the Perfect App:

  1. Think about the specific skill you wish to enrich and how an app might fit into that activity.
  2. Always evaluate if your child will learn something.
  3. Any app you choose should encourage your child to engage with others.
  4. Talk with parents, teachers, and the children themselves.
  5. There are many support networks online to help your decision.
  6. Use a variety of apps that cover all disciplines.
  7. Check reviews online first.

Top Ten Educational Apps for Teachers and Students:

  1. Toontastic – Creative storytelling and cartoons. (Grades K-5.)
  2. Balloony Word – Vocabulary skills. (Grades K-5.)
  3. My Study Life – Homework planner. (Age 13+.)
  4. Socrative – Quizzes and assessments. (Grades 3-12.)
  5. Dropbox – File sharing of homework assignments. (Age 13+.)
  6. Gosoapbox – Web-based response system for student engagement. (Grades 6-12.)
  7. Hungry Fish – Mental math game with 18 levels of difficulty. (Ages 4 to adult.)
  8. Evernote – Keep your notes and lists organized. (Age 8+.)
  9. Number Train – Early numeracy. (Preschool.)
  10. The Story of Dracolino – A little dragon who wants to sing. (Age 4+.)

This infographic from Go4prep provides more details in an interesting visual manner:


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