Best 7 Techniques to Teach Our Teens At Home

By Angelina

Many parents like and prefer homeschooling for our children nowadays. Parents talk with other families about homeschooling and find out the best and easy ways of teaching our kids and teens at home. So the majority of parents can easily provide education at home with the help of different methods and techniques.

Here are some of the best techniques to educate your teens easily at home:

1. Find an organized curriculum

Many parents seek out a packaged curriculum to save time. You can buy it at a curriculum sale or online. A professionally developed curriculum will contain one to six hours of scheduled lessons to teach your kids daily. Some courses have you easily covered through computer lessons that help you in the grading.

2. Make a specific course content

Find out the state laws. You have a certain amount of flexibility in education but some districts will want you to include math, science, civic studies, language arts, or history in the syllabus and dedicate time to one of them daily. Creating a syllabus by yourself will require you to find online data and always coordinate with other families who trained and educate our kids at home. The personalized course outline is price effective and makes for the best use of your teen’s abilities as it can be custom-made to his strengths and weaknesses.

3. Use the internet or buy DVDs

You can find tutorials through the internet which can teach your teens. There are also many educational DVDs available on the market. Video is very attractive and easy way to teach because most children like video and they can easily take an interest in video based lessons.

4. Get help with online public school

There are many public schools which have their own homeschool programs and resources. Children can easily take the lessons from an online teacher.

5. Use homeschooling company facilities

Several homeschool companies provide access to both private and public school learning through their website. Children study along with lots of other students all over the world who are registered and take classes from our homes. The instructor guides the youngster through online or phone.

6. Use the un-schooling method

John Holt in the 1970’s introduced this term. This unique method takes into account your teen’s concentration in a specific topic. The course is led by the teenager. For example, say your teen is interested in the history of Egypt. There are so many unique ways to demonstrate your teen’s education: use books that are related to Egypt, show movies that belong to history, take him to historical places, and continue with the subject until he or she is prepared to go to another place.

7. Hire an educational advocate

This is one of the best ways to teach your teen in which you hire an educational advocate or tutor who works with you and your children and monitors the progress daily. It can be expensive, but many parents have a good experience using that way of teaching at home.

Author Bio: This is Angelina Martin. I have so many contributions in writing especially in educational subjects. I have been connected with Done Coursework for the last 4 years. I like to write on those topics that help students in their assignments.


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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    The best curriculum for your children aligns with your family’s purpose for home schooling. Different families, different curriculum.


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