Axis Internship for College Students & Grads Wanting To Make a Difference

May 6, 2017

Do you know any college students or grads who are interested in collecting experiences instead of things, want to help younger generations find true freedom in Christ, and desire to build lifelong faith in God within themselves and others? If so, then the Axis Internship might be their next step.

What: 10-Month Internship

Responsibilities: Hone your skills by working on projects in your field that help build lifelong faith; occasionally travel and speak to students.

When: July 18, 2017-April 30, 2018

Where: Colorado Springs, CO

Deadline: May 15, 2017 (for the 2017-2018 School Year)

Below is a description of the internship and the website for the online application:

The Axis Team Member Internship is an unforgettable 10-month experience! Team Members may travel all over the United States and Canada (and possibly other countries!) as part of a team of four young adult speakers. They will speak at Christian middle and high schools, colleges, churches, and conferences about worldview topics, pop culture, intentional living, the influence of media, family discipleship, and so much more! We help students, teachers, families, and entire communities grow together and strengthen their faith in God. Team Members will grow immensely in their faith, build on valuable communication and leadership skills, visit new places, meet amazing people, and make lifelong friends.

We are looking for committed followers of Jesus Christ, who are experienced in public speaking, have the ability and discipline to work on a team, and have an appetite for adventure. Applicants must have completed at least 2 years of college [60+ credit hours] or equivalent. For a detailed description of the internship, and to access the online application, visit

Being on an Axis team is a fun, challenging, and life-changing experience. If you are a professional individual who has a high level of responsibility, is teachable and willing to learn, and is comfortable speaking to large groups, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity.

For more information on Axis as a ministry, check out the website at

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