Ave Maria University Scholarship for Michigan Homeschoolers

There is no deadline to apply for these scholarships.  However, there are a limited number of these scholarships being awarded, so we suggest that you apply soon!

Dear Homeschooling Parents –

Ave Maria University (AMU) is offering generous scholarships specifically for Catholic homeschool students from Michigan to attend AMU in Florida. If you have a son or daughter who is a SENIOR this year, it is not too late to apply to AMU for this coming fall and to take advantage of this great scholarship.

We believe AMU is a great fit for students who have been homeschooled for a significant portion of their academic career. If you are Catholic and you have a son or daughter looking for an affordable and yet excellent way to continue their Catholic education, please review the below information.

[Note: I am sensitive that some of you receiving this message may not be Catholic. Please be assured that I / we celebrate the unity that we do have in Christ. However, for this specific scholarship, it is intended for Catholic students. Thank you for your understanding.]

Ave Maria University & Homeschoolers a Great Fit!

Ave Maria University (AMU) is a place where homeschooled students don’t just survive, they THRIVE. AMU will build on the values that parents have instilled at home, not tear them down! AMU values Faith, Family, Academics, Sports, Arts and Service:

Faith is at the core of everything we do at AMU. Starting with Mass which is celebrated 3 times per day, frequent confession and perpetual adoration, our campus ministry programs are geared to help our students not just know their faith, but live and love it.

All of our residence halls are separated by gender, and we have the endorsement of The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

Whether it be in the classroom, the residence hall or through the team of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionaries on campus, we are committed to the healthy integration of our Catholic faith into every facet of our students’ lives.

Family – We have a system of Households on campus (in the residence halls) that promotes a family-like culture.

Academics at AMU are challenging, yet rewarding. With 30 majors to choose from, a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio and an average class size of 20, students get the attention they deserve from our world-class faculty.

Sports – We have 16 men’s & women’s intercollegiate sports, as well as several intramural sports available for the serious athlete to the weekend warrior and everyone in between.

Arts – From music to drama, we have programs that will meet your passion.

Service – Emanating from our Mother Teresa program, opportunities to serve the less fortunate in the area or on mission trips are prevalent.

We want to be your homeschooler’s home away from home.

Michigan to Florida:  We are not so far from home. Detroit Metro Airport offers many daily non-stop flights which are under 3 hours. In fact, next to Florida, more students come from Michigan than any other state.

Affordable: With this new Michigan Homeschooled Faith Scholarship – along with generous institutional aid and federal aid – let us show you how affordable we are! After all, that you have invested in your child’s education, don’t just settle for any university. Come visit Ave Maria University and let us show you how an academically excellent and authentically Catholic education can be within your reach. Visit our website at: www.avemaria.edu

Michigan Homeschooled Faith Scholarship Details

A limited number of scholarships have been made available through the generosity of a donor who wants to applaud the efforts of Catholic Homeschooling families throughout the state of Michigan, and believes that students who have been homeschooled in committed Catholic families will thrive at Ave Maria University. Student must have been homeschooled 9th-12th grade

For the purpose of this scholarship, “homeschooled” means those taught at home and applies to those independently homeschooled as well as those enrolled in national homeschool programs (such as Kolbe Academy, Mother of Divine Grace, and Seton Home Study).  The university will review applicants’ transcripts to verify high school graduation as required for federal aid and confirmation that the student was home schooled four (4) years of the last six (6) years.

Important Note: A student may not receive this scholarship in conjunction with the Michigan Scholarship (i.e. a qualifying student may receive one or the other, but not both scholarships.)

To apply for the Michigan Homeschooled Faith Scholarship, go to:

For homeschool admissions information, see:

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