Attack on Titan


By Nick Maker

If you watched the latest anime news you probably know the latest show on Cartoon Network Adult Swim Attack on Titan?

If you haven’t, let me give you some details on the show and what I think about it.

It was originally a manga back in 2010 and it was getting popular in Japan. Then a company called Funimation turned it into a series back in 2013. The show got even more popular so the company decided they should release it into the west and it was a success.

The story is about the people who for a hundred years live in a great wall against the Titans. Titans are humanoid creatures that eat people and the citizens must survive from them. Eren Jaeger the protagonist wants to see what life is like outside the wall, but unfortunately he and his sister Mikasa have to fight the Titans from entering the wall before all humanity is lost.

Here is an example of what a Titan looks like:

titanThe story is excellent and I love the concept of humans battling humans. I know you could say it is just like people fighting but with giants. Yes, but you never heard the idea of giant human-like creatures eating people now would you?

I love the artwork in the show, it shows a good expression to the characters when they’re scared and don’t know what to do, or when solders really feel like they have meaning to their life, sort of when people who go to an actual war and think they don’t want to die and leave their family behind.

The main characters are good, but as for the protagonist I have some mixed feelings about him. Mikasa has to be my favorite character in the whole show, because I never see so much caring toward her brother. She’s strong and really doesn’t want her brother to get hurt by any means necessarily. Armin (Eren and Mikasa’s friend) is good and also when he plans ahead in tough situations. The side characters I like because it focuses some of their personality a little more when it is not always focused on the main characters. Mostly during the Titan scene fights they show their characters more.

Now I will warn you that the show is not for everyone because it is really gory, violent, language and is about eating people. So don’t blame me that you got sick for recommending the show that I already warned you about. There will be some samples if you’re curious. The show is on Cartoon Network Adult Swim, Saturday at 10:30 P.M (Eastern Time) and as always, thank you for reading my article!

Note, if some of you folks know the show and what I said about some things are a lie. I did it to not spoil the show too much and have to cover something, so please don’t spoil anything for the newcomers, thank you.

Sorry no episode 2, copyright. Watch it on Hulu or Amazon. Or there is a DVD:

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