Amazing Sights to See Around Turkey


Turkey has proved to be one of the outstanding European countries in the recent past. Looking back to the history of this wonderful country, you will get to learn a lot about what it has to offer. Turkey is surrounded by three major seas: Aegean Sea on the West, Black Sea on the North, and The Mediterranean Sea on the South. Turkey is connected to the rest of the world by its Istanbul International Airport and others that are in major cities of Ankara and Izmir. If you are visiting Turkey for the first time, there are spots that you would not like to miss. In a bid to get the full benefit of your Turkey visa, these are the places you really need to visit while in Turkey:


When you read that word, you may remember the ancient city that had a lot of activities in the first and second century. This volcanic town as many call it has stood over time.
Christians in the first century were accustomed with such places and spent many of their days engaging in Christian missions here. While visiting this place, they slept in stables and even in store houses whose building material was comprised of soap stones. Caves that some people call homes are a tourist attraction in Cappadocia. Remember too that Cappadocia is one of the first century congregations mentioned in the Bible book of Revelation.

St. Peter’s Castle

Viewed as one of the most visited underwater archeologically Museums, this is a must see feature when you visit Turkey. This Museum was established in 1962 and since then it has undergone numerous revamp exercises in a bid to modernize it. This is a place you don’t want to miss when you visit Turkey. From this spectacular place of the century, you will get a chance to purchase your treasured jewellery since most shops in and around this town stock genuine beauty products. Take a boat ride to complement your visit and stay in this part of Turkey.  It is from this town that most shipwrecks took place during the stormy seasons in the region.


A town established along the Aegean coast that comes in between Didyma and Priene, has for a long time been associated with what it used to be in the eighth century: a commercial hub that at times operated as the government’s stronghold. It is in this city that the world’s oldest amphitheatre rests. With the ample sitting capacity of approximately 25,000 people, this medieval theatre has proved to the world of architecture, what Turkey has been able to achieve. A few miles from the center, is a small museum that is worth your visit.


Which other best way will you use your Turkey visa, if you do not visit the city of Aphrodisias? Also known as the City of Love, because of the temple of the ancient Goddess of Love, the town has magnificent temples that can cheer you up as you take a closer look at the people’s cultural and religious beliefs. One of these temples is the Aphrodite Temple that is built with strong and huge Ionian posts in the Aegean region.

Turkey is much more than its clichéd image of a “bridge between East and West.” Turkey has a legacy of centuries of history with a diverse cultural heritage. But the real cultural lessons come from the Turks themselves who are a friendly, polite, and hospitable people.

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