Amazing Love, by Corrie ten Boom

A Book Review by Naomi

Back cover: Despite the horrors even of the concentration camp, it is possible to find victory in Christ. Corrie ten Boom paints vivid word pictures of her firsthand experiences in camps and jails, with actresses and students, the sophisticated and the illiterate.

If you were here several months ago (or if you follow my blog) you will know that when I read The Hiding Place I thought it was amazing… and still sometimes can’t help thinking about how amazing Corrie ten Boom’s story was.

My Mom gave me this book and I knew I had to read it….

This book is set after World War II and everything that Corrie went through; it is about her ministry, the people she talked to, the things she taught and even learned herself.

She encountered many different situations and people, and traveled wherever the Lord took her. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything, but I still thought this book was very good.

It’s great that we have books like this to encourage us. Even though I enjoyed The Hiding Place better, this one was still enjoyable.

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