All American $1,000 Car Review Essay Scholarship

CarHP’s “All-American $1,000 Car Review Essay Scholarship” aims to offer financial aid of $1,000 to students via an exciting and competition-free challenge. Participants simply need to write an essay review of any car sold in the U.S. and submit the same.

The eligible candidate for this scholarship must be a high school graduate or equivalent and 18 years or older. The student must have secured admission in any approved undergraduate/ postgraduate course in an accredited and recognized U.S. university.

The car review essay should be between 1200-1500 words. Include a suitable title for your essay and the Year – Make – Model (e.g. 2016 Ford Focus Sedan). Each review should be divided into Engine Performance, Interior, Exterior, Safety, and Final Verdict.

The writing of your car review essay should be crisp and concise. The CarHP team will be looking for the candidate’s creativity and how he/she articulates his/ her words. The submission must be genuine and not plagiarized.

The application process is entirely online and entries will be accepted until February 28th, 2022. Required information such as name, address, email, education qualification, and background details must be filled in. Any form with incomplete information will be considered disqualified.

Each candidate can submit only one application. Before submitting, ensure it’s your final write-up with proper sentence formation and no grammatical mistakes. Proofread before you submit, because you cannot edit or change once you’ve submitted your car review.

Only one candidate will be chosen for the scholarship reward. Think you’ve got what it takes? You can find all the eligibility details, selection criteria, terms and conditions at the link below:


Cars are no longer limited to their role of taking us from point A to B. They are an integral part of our lifestyles. Every year, we have car-manufacturers bringing us an ever increasing number of new cars. With so many options out there, buyers are doing a lot of guesswork. Eventually, purchasing a car becomes a difficult and time consuming process. That’s where CarHP comes in, we bring in-depth car reviews that help you evaluate and consolidate your purchase decision.

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