Age Is But a Mark

By Nick Maker

age-is-but-a-markIs there any reason to say that we’re too old for watching cartoons?

The shows that are recently popular for kids strangely have an interest for adults too. Such as Adventure Time, MLP Friendship is Magic (of all the names) and let’s not forget the new popular show on Cartoon Network, Steven Universe. Many older people would see these shows only for kids by kids exclusive, but what if I tell you that is not always true!

Yeah sure you may argue that the style and writing is kiddie and it doesn’t appeal to you. Well it may be true but the art style isn’t always everything. We watch South Park, Family Guy and The Simpsons, their styles are very cartoony so what does it matter? It does matter because it’s irrelevant of what people argue that teens or adults don’t watch cartoons because of the style. Now I can hear all of you people say, “but those cartoons are exclusive to adults and the writing here’s the same!” Yes, that’s because it’s toward more adult rather than kids. I’m talking about “everyone’s” category shows, shows that have structure and good humor that everyone can relate to.

Regular Show nailed it right in the head in being a families show. The style and characters are kid friendly while some of the humor and references can also be enjoyed by an older audience because he/she can remember that time from their past as humorous. MLP Friendship is Magic is a good debatable topic to discuss about, what should you watch based off of gender? I used to think that the world had gone crazy when I found out that the new MLP got more popular, due to the increase of male demographics who started calling themselves bronies. It almost feels like another weird trend like the furry community (no offense to all who like that hobby.)

Later I started to watch the show just to see what all that fuzz is about and I will admit the show was actually good. I’m not in love with it but it was not cringe worthy to hate. I remember when I was a boy I watched one episode of the old MLP and I hated it to death. When I re-watched the old MLP now in my age I still hated it, how come! The writing has changed to a somewhat modern speech toward the characters; the art style isn’t “too kiddie look” and all in all the show had a brand new makeover.

The old one just feels like they’re talking googoo giggling speech while the new one is talking like a person who just reaches the age of maturity. Now, let me remind you all that not always will we watch a kids show just because we can. No, when shows like Cabbage Patch, or Care Bears (the old one) is speaking little language so that little kids can understand, then it is really for younger kids. But rather watch shows that everyone can sit down and enjoy because the writing is good, the characters are good, and the show is good; not for art style, not for the gender, but the quality of writing.

And if you want my last example of a good show in which most of the protagonists are females and have action in them, Steven Universe is the right choice for me. I love the show because of these three protagonists; Garnet, Amethyst and Peril are my three favorite female characters (though personally I pick Garnet to be my absolute favorite character in the show). The show has lots of action and some have intense emotional moments. The art style, looking like a water painting in a museum; characters, the best ones; writing, one of the best action shows ever! I really don’t care what people think or say to me because I’m still waiting for my next episode on Thursday.

So there you have it, don’t be ashamed if you have or wish you can watch a kids show because it really doesn’t matter what everyone thinks about. Same as games, movies, etc. It’s your own personal taste and don’t let it stop you to feel like a kid again!

About Nick… “I am a studious person who loves reading and loves researching about virtually anything! I play the piano and every year I have to give a performance in a church. I love video games – especially when it’s a puzzle and action game. I would like to become a programmer one day in the field of computer science. I love my family so much, even if we drive each other crazy sometimes, we’re still one big happy family.”

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