Advice Paradise: For the Mathematically Minded

“It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.” Well, WE do! That’s why we started this column… Advice Paradise!



We’re not psychologists, counselors, therapists, or experts – we’re just fellow homeschoolers who are willing to offer a little friendly advice. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion, and we’re here for you. The Advice Paradise team will answer questions on homeschooling, relationships, and life in general. No question is too trivial. Just ask about anything you want to know! We promise to keep it simple and get straight to the point. In some cases, a bit of wit or sarcasm also does the trick.

Check out the following questions and see if any of them apply to you, or maybe you’ve been in the same situation and have some helpful advice to give someone else. Post a comment if you think you have a better answer! Here is a collection of questions related to mathematics, answered by our resident math expert. 🙂

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Q1. What are the different types of math used for?

Arithmetic is for numbers. Algebra is for variables. Calculus is for change. Statistics is for uncertainty.

Q2. What is the evidence for intelligent design?

Purpose and information in biological systems. Your heart has purpose and your DNA sequence contains information. Purpose and information come from an intelligent mind. Mathematics in nature, from fractals to the golden ratio, shows complex design.

Q3. How can you tell if you would be a good mathematician?

Well, here’s how I knew that I would NOT be a good mathematician. I struggled too much. I did okay in math but I’d had enough. I gave up on the idea of being a math major and decided to study chemistry instead. But if you enjoy the challenge of figuring out problems and never get tired of it, even after you get to “Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations” in college, then you have what it takes to be a mathematician. Good luck!

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Do you have a question? Send it to and we will share it with the Advice Paradise team to be posted (anonymously, of course) in the next issue of Homeschooling Teen.

Think you have a better answer or would you like to offer some more advice? Please leave a comment below with the question number for reference. Thanks for helping!

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