Advice Paradise: Ask Me Anything

“It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere. No one seems to care.” Well, WE do! That’s why we started this column… Advice Paradise!



We’re not psychologists, counselors, therapists, or experts – we’re just fellow homeschoolers who are willing to offer a little friendly advice. Sometimes it helps to have a second opinion, and we’re here for you. The Advice Paradise team will answer questions on homeschooling, relationships, religion, and life in general. No question is too trivial. Just ask about anything you want to know! We promise to keep it simple and get straight to the point.

Check out the following questions and see if any of them apply to you, or maybe you’ve been in the same situation and have some helpful advice to give someone else. Post a comment if you think you have a better answer!

1. Is it possible to completely eradicate racism?

Replace the word “racism” with the word “stupid” and the answer becomes obvious.

2. I’m a thirteen-year-old atheist in a religious family. My family takes me out two times a week, two hours per session to attend stupid church. What should I do?

You should honor your parents and do what they ask. It may seem unreasonable to you, but deep down they have your best interests at heart, so try to make the best of it. Good luck. 🙂

3. Can you ask anything?

Yes! Sounds like fun. Let me think of one… Do monkeys ever look up and wonder “what is the moon?”

Do you have a question? Send it to and we will share it with the Advice Paradise team to be posted in the next issue of Homeschooling Teen.

Think you have a better answer or would you like to offer some more advice? Please leave a comment below with the question number for reference. Thanks for helping!

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