Advantages of Education Related Technology

By Ramya

The advancement of educational technology has been a defining moment for the learning field. It can be defined as the integration of learning experiences along with internet and other IT technologies. Evolution of technology has revolutionized classroom training methods and teaching ideologies. With such rapidly changing trends and technology, education has seen a much better path to reach out to more audiences across the world. There are many advantages that can be found under educational technology and a few of them can be described as follows.

Availability of Educational Material

Technology today has reached a level where educational material is accessible and available to anyone across the globe. With the advent of broadband internet, online education has got a boost and helped students from developing nations to use resources and educational material for study purposes. Plus accessibility allows students who are physically unable to attend courses due to health issues or other problems.

Technology Assisted Teaching

The advancement of technology can be chalked down from the use of black boards to the current smart boards for education. These smart boards are basically a way of sharing more of teaching from the teachers to the students. They are capable of delivering audio-visual presentations using PowerPoint and similar animation software. Such an interactive way of teaching helps in putting the information to the students easier and generating a higher rate of interest from them. It is researched that teaching aids are great when it comes to improving the concentration of students and helping to positively boost class attendance.

Reports and Analyses

Education based on technology is said to be quite helpful when it comes to assessing the work of students and pointing them in the right direction. Teachers have their hands full when it comes to work and this is the reason why they cannot tend to each and every student for their grading and assessment. Technology based instructions can be used with the correct tools and programs to ease up this procedure so that each student can assess and analyze their work, improving their individual learning capabilities.

Future Ready Students

Learning to use the technology that runs the entire 21st century generation means that students get well-versed with the technology and understand how it works. Education in today’s age is not just learning numbers, facts and figures but consists of practical approaches to solving complex problems, portraying leadership skills, improving productivity with ideas and motivation.

Increased Productivity and Decreased Training Cost

One great benefit that comes out of using technology for education is that it reaches the maximum number of students in a very short time without the necessity to incur major cost. Technologically advanced education can help lower the fees in corporate and academic institutions. This advanced technology also provides a much better result than regular class training. Students save a lot of time when it comes to studies and utilize it much better to increase their productivity.

Ease of Teaching

Technology provides many different options when it comes to improving teaching efficiency. One can actually track student progress with much more attention and can track their progress much easily. Plus the use of audio-visual presentations, televisions, projectors, etc. to deliver education is also improved since students will learn in a much better way than traditional methods.

Rise in Distant Learning

With technological advancement the concept of distant learning has received a massive boost and is becoming the most preferred way of learning and teaching across the globe. The idea of switching from actual classrooms to virtual classrooms is fascinating and online classes can provide a lot of teaching using chat room interactivity, message board facilities, and file transfers of study material. Also it allows the student to study at their own pace and time which is not available otherwise.

Learning Is Fun With New Technology

It is a difficult process through which students are actually engaged to learning, especially with children. With the touch screen technology and smart boards the interactive classes can really attract the attention of kids and turn them towards learning easily. Also use of technology makes learning fun not just for students but also for teachers who love attention from their students.

Hindrances in the Use of Technology in Education

For any education system to be beneficial it is important that it is designed quite well and planned to keep every type of student in mind. The biggest roadblocks can be due to the availability of technology and computer literacy to many students. The fact that technology is used merely as a tool and the success of any education depends on its planning should be a factor to be kept in mind always. If these factors are handled well, the education system can get a great boost from technology.

Technology in the field of education is still at a nascent stage and slowly it is providing better opportunities to students and teachers alike. Thus, the introduction of technology in education is more than important now and will only grow in the future.

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