Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing High School at Home

By Rachel Summers

If you’ve been homeschooling successfully for your children’s entire school career, then you’ll now face a choice as they reach high school age. Do you want to continue homeschooling your teenagers, or do you want to send them to a public school? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it will very much depend on the child. To help you make these decisions, here are the advantages and disadvantages of doing high school at home.

Advantages of Homeschooling High School

  • Study at their own pace: As it always is with homeschooling, in high school your teens can study at their own pace. That means that they can take a little extra time with the subjects that they struggle with, and carry on when they’ve already grasped something, rather than waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. It means they’ll never be bored with what they’re learning, as they’re going at their own pace.
  • No peer pressure: A huge issue in almost every high school is that of peer pressure. Teenagers often feel pressured into making the wrong decisions, which makes life harder for them. Peer pressure goes hand in hand with bullying, two things you’ll want to avoid in your child’s life if you can. Being homschooled means they can get away from these issues.
  • Bond with your teens: High school aged children can cause all new dynamics within your family. You can often feel as though you’re growing away from them, as they get older and find their own way in the world. This is natural and part of growing up, but it doesn’t mean that you have to lose touch with them. Homeschooling can help you keep this bond together.
  • Keep ahead of the curve: Schools may not be as willing to take on new trends, as it’s a bigger risk for them. As a parent teacher though, you can do this. You can try out new techniques you see on eLearning Industry and other sites, and give your teens a boost with their education.
  • Choose what to learn: Students in high school have a choice in what they learn, but that choice can be limited. There could be wait lists, or the class they want to take can just be full. This does hamstring them in what they’d like to learn. As a homeschooled student though, they can start learning about whatever they wish, right away.
  • Start apprenticeships: If your teen has a certain career in mind, you can start teaching them with this in mind. They can even get a step ahead and start working on an apprenticeship alongside their study.

Disadvantages of Homeschooling High School

  • You may not have all the skills needed: As a teacher, you’re great, but you still may not be able to give your teen everything they need when it comes to their education. You’ll find that there are some subjects or areas that you don’t feel equipped to do. Education Corner says that many children aren’t prepped for college, so you’ll have your work cut out for you.
  • It’s harder to get access to extracurricular activities: The older your child gets, the harder it will be to get access to the activities they want to do. For example, if they love sports, there could be issues getting them into a team. In instances like these, you may be better off sending your teenager to a regular high school, so they can get noticed by sports teams and get scholarships for college.
  • Costs: Homeschooling always comes with costs, but it can be worse when your children hit high school age. You’ll have to buy in specialist books and resources, as well as entering them for their exams when the time comes. The costs can mount up quickly.
  • Working with teenage children: Working with any group has its challenges, but teenaged students can be difficult. As like all teenagers, homeschooled teens can be surly and uncooperative. You’ll have to find a way to get through to them in order to educate them. Sometimes, this can be because they’re struggling with the material. Bringing in an online tutor can help with this.
  • Feeling isolated: Your teen may feel isolated from their peers if they’re homeschooled, which means they won’t get the most out of their education. You may be required to let them take on part time jobs, or take part in extracurricular activities, in order to let them grow and meet others their own age.

Homeschooling through high school comes with challenges, but it’s also hugely rewarding, and there are ways to get around the disadvantages. Doing high school at home is an admirable option for you to take, so don’t hesitate if it’s right for your teen.

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